Kerri Walsh-Jennings Was Pregnant During 2012 Olympics

The last time we sat down with Kerri Walsh-Jennings, she and volleyball partner Misty May-Treanor had just taken home three gold medals from the Summer Olympics in London. Back then, Jennings spoke tenderly about her desire to have another child. Fast-forward to October, and Jennings is bursting with excitement because her wish for another baby is finally coming true. An edited version of our interview with her follows

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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MORE: You just told me back in August about your desire to have a baby.
Kerri Walsh-Jennings: I know. I am so excited to finally share this wonderful news.

MORE: So as you were gushing to me about wanting number three, you were already pregnant?
KWJ: Yes, but I was only a few weeks along.

MORE: You announced your pregnancy on national TV. Why go that route?
KWJ: We had millions of fans following us on our journey to win the gold. Then the fans were there to cheer us on when we won, and they fell in love with our backstories. It seemed natural for Casey [husband Casey Jennings] and me to share something like this with them.

MORE: Were you shocked to discover you were pregnant, or did you know this could be a definite possibility?
KWJ: We had tried once in July, so we knew it was possible because I was expected to start my cycle around the opening ceremony. Then I noticed I was late. I knew that was a sign because I am the type of person who is never late. Once that happened, Casey and I started thinking, What if . . . Because I was competing in the Olympic Games, I was in such an intense focus that I sort of forgot about it.

MORE: But you knew?
KWJ: I had my woman’s intuition that I was. I also had some of the same feelings that I experienced in my body the last two times I was pregnant with my boys. We knew in our hearts and minds that this was very possible.

MORE: How did you find out you were pregnant? Did you go to your doctor, or did you do a home pregnancy test?
KWJ: I got an EPT. Actually, I first had to jet to Poland a week after the Olympics. Because I was in the middle of nowhere, they didn’t have any tests around. By this point, I was over two weeks late. When I got home from Poland, which was at the end of August, I did two tests. Both of those tests came out positive. From there I went right to my doctor, where we heard and saw the heartbeat for the first time. 

MORE: You speak so highly of your sons, Joseph, 3, and Sundance, 2, because you have such a close bond. What was their reaction when you told them what was happening?
KWJ: They are so excited.

MORE: Have you given any thought to names?
KWJ: We have whittled it down to a few names we really like. We have also asked the boys their opinions. If they don’t like a name we choose, they will fire back with some adorable names, which we immediately put on the keeper list.

MORE: Will you find out the sex of the baby?
KWJ: Yes. Our tradition is to find out on Christmas morning. With the timing of this pregnancy, I am due in early April, so we plan on keeping up the tradition.

MORE: I know you are hoping for a girl. Think pink, I always say.
KWJ: It feels so weird to say that out loud, but yes, I would love to be on that adventure. I am so very close to my mom, and I am so proud to be a mama’s girl. I also want my husband to have a little daddy’s girl, because I am a daddy’s girl.

MORE: How are you feeling?
KWJ: I feel different. It is night and day. With my boys, my pregnancy was so easy. I never felt sick, although I did get headaches from time to time. Now I am nauseous all of the time, and my face is breaking out. I just passed 14 weeks, so I feel like I am turning a corner.

MORE: Any fun cravings?
KWJ: I am craving BLTs with avocado and egg. It is truly heaven, and I can eat it all day.

MORE: How are you about diaper duty? Do you remember how to put on a Pampers?
KWJ: Sundance is still in diapers. He is in bigger Pampers, so we are still living in that world. By the time the baby comes, he should be fully potty trained. I can’t wait to be back in the Swaddlers again. I love the smell of them, because it reminds me of a new baby. I am excited to get back into that world.

MORE: When you and I were in London, you told me you were already looking ahead to the 2016 games in Rio. Given the circumstances, will you still compete?
KWJ: In my head it is very possible, and I will win a gold medal. I feel like I need this break because I want to expand my family, but then, I want to get back to work. That is my time frame. I love my job so much, and I know I have so much more in me.

MORE: What was Misty’s response when you told her?
KWJ: Our rooms in London were adjoining. When we were chilling out, having some girl time, I told her I was late. She replied, “Oh, you are probably pregnant.” Once we confirmed it, she was just so very happy for us.

MORE: You must be on cloud nine.
KWJ: At first, I was really nervous and fearful. I once had a miscarriage, so it is scary until you get that ultrasound that confirms the news you have been longing to hear. I was holding my breath until I heard that heartbeat.    

MORE: After you realized you were pregnant, did you freak out because of everything you put your body through during the Olympics?
KWJ: No, that was never a concern for me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have tried to get pregnant before the Olympics. My body is used to that. If I were to stop and do nothing, I think that would be worse for my body, to tell you the truth. I do put my body through a lot, but I am both a warrior and an athlete. Now I have a little warrior inside me, and we will go on this journey together.

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