Politicians' Workouts We'd Love to See

Politics is often called a blood sport, so it’s no surprise contenders feel they need to stay in fighting form. After reading reports that ex-VP candidate Sarah Palin is trying to sell a fitness book, we came up with a list of health titles we’d love to see from a variety of handshakers

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Sarah Palin

Dancing With Mooses Weight-loss Workout


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Joe Biden

The Shoot-Your-Mouth-Off So You Can Eat Less Plan


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Chris Christie

Calories Don’t Count Votes! The Cheeseburger and Pasta Diet


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Bill Clinton

The Hello, I Must Be Going, No I Want To Talk to Y’All, Don’t Ya Really Miss Me Campaign Dance


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Paul Ryan

The One-Heartbeat-Away Cardio Workout


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Michelle Obama

Arms and Dangerous


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Al Gore

Hot, Hotter and Hottest: You, Yoga, the Earth


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Mark Sanford

Walk to Lose on the Appalachian Trail


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John Edwards

Side-stepping Salsa (in Six Easy Lessons)


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Mitt Romney

The Power-Lifting Binders Full of Women Workout


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Barack Obama

Pumped! The Red Bull Energy Regimen


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First Published Mon, 2012-11-05 12:16

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