A Nonagenarian Looks Back—and Forward—at Life

We asked 1,200 women 60 and older to share what they've learned about love, work, parenthood and finding their true path. Here's what one positively inspiring respondent in her early nineties had to say about life, love, business and water-skiing.

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Relationship Grade: Because I have been married to the same man for 65 years!

Parenting Grade: Most of the time we were great parents. Once in a while a child leaves you completely mystified.

Work Grade: A  I was a professional cake and cookie decorator. At first I worked at home, and my husband did the baking for me . . . everything from scratch. It really was too much work to do at home. That’s when I decided to work at a well-known bakery.

Spirituality Grade: A  I give thanks to the Lord for all my blessings, which are many. I pray for my family and friends always.

Outside activities/interests?  I learned to water-ski when I was a grandma. I learned to slalom water-ski when I was a great-grandma. One could say I was in my second childhood! Last time I water-skied, I was 71. Someone took a video of me—I didn’t fall. When I came in to shore, the crowd was waving at me and cheering.

When did you find your true path?  After 60. I was more intelligent by then.

How do you see your life unfolding from here?  Hadn’t planned on having my right knee buckle and twist into my left leg while I was trying to get into the car. I had a very hard time facing the facts and felt so very sorry for myself. My daughters gave me a pep talk and said, “Mother, at least you have two legs, and you can walk!” I am better now and doing what I can to improve. I was writing a romance novel. It is on the last draft. I cannot be at the computer very long, but I do not want somebody else to type it for me.

Best thing you’ve done.  Married a good man; had five wonderful children.

Worst thing you’ve done.  Now really, I can’t tell that—don’t want to destroy my image.

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First Published Tue, 2012-11-06 15:38

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