Praise for Men Who Marry – A Lot

On New Year’s Eve, Hugh Hefner, 86, will reportedly marry Crystal Harris, his 26-year-old girlfriend, making this his third trip to the alter. Hef isn’t the only serial spouse. We celebrate nine other celebs who have plenty of practice saying, “I do.”

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Hugh Hefner

If the bride-to-be follows through, the Playboy founder will marry for the third time this year. Crystal Harris, 26, reportedly called off a planned wedding last June, but if vows are exchanged on New Year’s Eve without a hitch, Harris will join Hef’s first wife, Mildred Williams (they divorced in 1959), and former Playmate Kimberley Conrad (they split in 2010), as women he has married.  


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Billy Bob Thornton

The Sling Blade star collects brides like he does acting awards. Divorced five times, his former wives include, most notably, Angelina Jolie (who could forget those romantic vials of blood they wore?), and Playboy playmate Pietra Dawn Cherniak.


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Charlie Sheen

Winning! Uh, no, Charlie, not when it comes to marriages, anyway. Bad boy Sheen has been divorced three times -- ex-wives include model Donna Peele, actress Denise Richards and socialite/actress Brooke Mueller. He was engaged to Kelly Preston once, but she reportedly called off the wedding after he accidentally shot her in the arm. Strong move.


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Newt Gingrich

Married three times and divorced twice, the former House speaker admitted that he cheated on his second wife, Marianne, “while leading the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton for allegations of perjury involving the Paula Jones sexual harassment civil case and the president's affair with Monica Lewinsky,” ABC News reports. Gingrich has been married to Callista since 2000.


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William Shatner

Capt. Kirk has been wed four times. His first two marriages ended in divorce, his third wife, Nerine Kidd-Shatner, drowned in a swimming pool accident and he has been married to Elizabeth Anderson Martin since 2001.

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Martin Scorcese

Divorced four times, the Oscar-winning director includes Isabella Rossellini among his ex-wives. He’s been married to Helen Morris, a book editor, since 1999.


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Larry King

This just in: Broadcaster Larry King is really, really the marrying kind. King’s first marriage ended in an annulment back in 1951, and he has been divorced six times – twice to the same woman, a former Playboy bunny. He’s been married to Shawn Southwick since 1997.


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Mickey Rooney

“I'm the only man in the world with a marriage license made out to whom it may concern,” Mickey Rooney has quipped. Too bad he ain’t kidding. The actor has been divorced seven – seven! – times, including one year spent betrothed to Ava Gardner back in 1942. He finally found the one, though: He’s been married to Jan Chamberlin since 1978.

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Robert Evans

The producer of megahits like The Godfather, Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown may have struck box office gold, but he was unlucky in love. Divorced a whopping six times, his former wives include Ali McGraw and Phyllis George. Actually, he was wed seven times, but his marriage to model Catherine Oxenberg was annulled.


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Frank Sinatra

When Ol’ Blue Eyes sang about love and marriage, he knew what he was talkin’ about. The legend was wed four times; Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow are among his exes. He married Barbara Marx (she had been married to Zeppo) in 1976, and they stayed together until his death in 1998.


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Richard Pryor

“I think about being married again, having a home and a wife. No one can ever be married too many times, and maybe if I keep trying I'll get it right one day,” the great comedian once said. Before his death in 2005, Pryor was married seven times to five women – he married two twice. We don’t know if he got it right, but you can’t say he didn’t try – a lot.

Jerry Lee Lewis

That whole marrying your 13-year-old cousin (OK, OK, so it was once removed) is the first thing most people think of when they hear “marriage” and “Jerry Lee Lewis,” but she was just one of a string of brides for the legendary musician. Myra Gale Brown was marriage number three, lasting 13 years. Before her, he was already twice-divorced (he was just 14 when he married his first wife!). His next two wives died from accidents while married to him and his most recent marriage lasted 20 years before the couple divorced. Great balls of marital fire, indeed.


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