Graying Superstars of 2012

Boomer concerts grossed the most $$ in 2012. Guess who came in #1?

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Madonna, 54

 Madonna topped Pollstar’s worldwide earnings chart in 2012, with $296 million in gross sales for her 2012 concert tour. Tied to her new album MDNA, the tour took her to the United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Ukraine and Colombia for the first time.


Bruce Springsteen, 63

Bruce Springsteen landed second place, with $210 million for his Wrecking Ball Tour: “The E Street Band’s mission remains the same,” he said. “To take the glorious power of music and shoot it straight into your heart tonight.”


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Roger Waters, 69

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters registered No. 3 in Pollstar’s ranking, with $186 million.


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Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

The late Michael Jackson was resurrected in Cirque du Soleil’s tribute show, “The Immortal,” which came in sixth with $140 million.


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Elton John, 65

Elton John was the ninth highest earner, at $69.9 million.


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Paul McCartney, 70

Paul McCartney, No. 11, grossed $56.9 in 2012. He closed the 12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief, viewed by about two billion people worldwide.


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Van Halen

Van Halen, No. 15, grossed $49.9 million. In 2012, the band, led by Eddie Van Halen (pictured left), 57, released their first album in 14 years, A Different Kind of Truth.


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Leonard Cohen, 78

Leonard Cohen, No.17, grossed $46.1 for his Old Ideas World Tour.


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Barbra Streisand, 70

Barbra Streisand, No. 22, grossed $40.1 million. She came out with her 26th album, Release Me, in 2012.

Jon Bon Jovi, 50

And let’s give a shout-out to the other glorious grays in the 12-12-12 concert’s line-up:  


Jon Bon Jovi—those coppery locks still swing.


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The Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger, 69

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Roger Daltrey, 68

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Iggy Pop, 65

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Eric Clapton, 67

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