Woman of Interest: Cyndi Lauper

The rock legend opens up about "Kinky Boots," her new book and her musical past

by Holly George-Warren
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Photograph: Camera Press/Jason Bell

She wrote the music and lyrics for Broadway’s Kinky Boots. It’s about a guy who held on to a factory and saved a lot of jobs. I love the movie it’s based on.

She hopes her best-selling book, Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir, enlightens readers. I grew up with consciousness raising. We listened to women, and by listening, we learned.

Getting real When I’m on tour, I usually don’t get to see my family. So I said, “We’re gonna do this reality show together” [Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual, on We TV]. The deal with my son, Declyn, was, “Whenever you feel it’s enough, you walk away.” Because of the show, I also got to see more of my husband [actor David Thornton] and my 82-year-old mother. It was an adventure.

Dream weaver As a kid, I used to write poetry and songs; I used to sing. I was told you can’t do this, you can’t do that. But my mother said, “Go and live your dreams.” 

Teamwork [with Kinky Boots book writer Harvey Fierstein] I have been collaborating since I was 11. My first collaborator was my sister. I’m interested in challenging each other to go outside the box. ’Cause I live out there and I like it.

Her True Colors Fund It aids homeless LGBT youth. About 40 percent of the million-plus kids who are living on the street identify as gay or bisexual, and they’re on the street because they’ve been rejected from their homes or they’ve run away out of fear.

On turning 60 in June When I was 15, people who were 30 seemed old. When I was 30, I sang “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” I don’t care if I grow old, just as long as I can play. 

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First Published Mon, 2013-02-04 10:18

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