Ginnifer Goodwin is the Fairest of Them All

Hollywood has a lot of "Big Love” for this actress. After roles in such popular movies as “Walk the Line” and “He’s Just Not That Into You,” Goodwin's back with another TV hit, ABC's “Once Upon a Time"

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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MORE: You are kicking off theListerine 21-Day Challenge. Tell me about that.
GG: When I learned that half of all adults suffer from oral disease and it's the number one chronic illness among children, I became curious. I mean, I brush my teeth a lot because of my job, yet brushing only cleans 25 percent of the mouth. Just hearing this gave me the heebie-jeebies.

More: Is fresh breath a priority since you do a lot of kissing for your job?
GG: Oh my gosh, yes!

More: Who was the best guy you ever locked lips with?
GG: They were all so splendid. I got to kiss Bill Paxton for five seasons and over the course of seven years on Big Love, and he is a marvelous kisser. I will also get to kiss Josh Dallas on Once Upon a Time.

More: And how is Josh [her real-life boyfriend]?
GG: [Smiles] He is good too.  

More: Aside from playing your Prince Charming on TV, Josh stars in the same role off-camera. What do you guys like to do when you're not filming?   
GG: [Just smiles]

More: 'Fess up—when it comes to doing a kissing scene, who made you the most nervous?
GG: Honestly, there is no one person, because those scenes are really horrible. While I have had truly lovely co-stars during my 12 years in the business, kissing someone is far from romantic.

More: I don’t believe you.
GG: [Laughs] First off, you have hundreds of crew members, co-stars and producers watching. The way you move in to kiss, the way you kiss, the way your noses touch is choreographed down to a T. There is nothing spontaneous or sexy about it.  

More: If you could kiss anyone, past or present, who would you pick?
GG: Paul Newman. He was my big Hollywood crush my whole life.

More: Once Upon A Time is a complete 180 from your other hit series, Big Love. What attracted you to such a dark and scary show?
GG: I also see it as adult and frightening. Truth be told, I always wanted to be a Disney princess. When you mix that with the fact that we have the same writer as Lost, which was my form of crack while it was on TV, I couldn’t say no.

More: Were there any fairy tales that terrified you as a kid?
GG: Oh my God, yes! The original Grimm’s fairy tales—Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Princess Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel—were terrifying, morbid and disturbing. Even The Little Mermaid terrified me, because there is always evil lurking around every corner.

More: You play Snow White on this program. Were you a fan of hers as a kid?
GG: Huge! I was even Snow White three years ago for Halloween, so that should tell you how much I love the character.

More: Now that you are in your thirties, how have the roles changed?
GG: While I feel there are fewer opportunities for women, the roles that are out there are actually more developed than they used to be, especially for women my age. For me, personally, I am really excited to move on to another era of my career and see what happens after Once Upon A Time ends.

More: How so?
GG: I am entering my motherhood years, and I am also ready to not be a part of the younger generation of actors anymore.

More: Motherhood, huh? This is something you think about?
GG: Absolutely. Going through life without children is not an option for me!

More: Because you have a pattern of picking real winners in terms of the jobs you take, do you set the bar higher for the next gig?
GG: Always. I need to always grow as an actor.

More: You have been a big supporter of Weight Watchers and are also a fan of diet and exercise. Having said that, what’s your view on body image?
GG: I think we have a really, really terrible perspective in terms of women’s bodies. I think the focus on skinniness is horrifying, yet the problems with obesity are greater than they have been in years past. In my industry I am surrounded by girls who are on the extremely thin side.

More: Does that bother you?
GG: For me, I try to find an easy way to live that prioritizes health and being fit.

More: Given the level of your success, do you feel the pressure to be thin?  
GG: I put pressure on myself. The other pressure I feel is from the media and the fashion industry.

More: Why?
GG: Because I am expected to participate in a ton of publicity for the projects I am involved with and in doing so I am expected to be able to fit into skinny pre-adolescent girls' clothes. As a 35-year-old woman, that thought can become discombobulating and troubling. I put the pressure on myself to stay small because I feel the need to satisfy an external expectation.     
Once Upon a Time airs on ABC on Sunday nights at 8 pm ET.

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