How To Be an Age Warrior

Lesley Jane Seymour talks about bringing age out into the open in her April 2013 Editor's Letter

by Lesley Jane Seymour
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Photograph: by Melanie Acevedo

It takes guts to get older in America. Not that any of us has a choice. Aging is something that happens to everyone; it’s inevitable and unstoppable, no matter how much power or money we have. We all know this. It’s just that in the U.S., after age 39, most of us don’t like to talk about it.

Except at More. We talk about aging every day and think of ways to celebrate the wisdom women gather, collectively and individually, by virtue of their years of life experience.

We firmly believe that while age may create barriers to memory, it is not a barrier to self-fulfillment. I am constantly amazed by those of you who tell us, on Facebook and in your letters at, how you’ve r-einvented yourselves, how you’ve started entre-preneurial projects, how you’ve re-assessed and redesigned your lives for the second half.

I was just at a party in Silicon Valley. It’s not a place I often visit, but I instantly felt at home in the company of strangers because 20 of you came up and told me you love More. As one woman said, “It speaks to me!” Another confessed she can’t resist the articles’ headlines, which address the “secret” part of herself. I told her we all work very hard at that mission every day. But I want you to know that this inspiration is a two-way street.

Your feedback lights our fires. You confirm that we need to keep going, need to keep pulling down those barriers to self-fulfillment. I want to bring the subject of aging out into the open, because it’s a process no one can stop and we all need ways to enjoy. As I like to say, aging is not a disease; it’s a journey. Let’s sign up together.

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First Published Mon, 2013-03-04 14:42

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