Vera Farmiga, Our April 2013 Woman of Interest

The Oscar-nominated star talks aging, beauty secrets and "Bates Motel"

by Leah Rozen
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Photograph: © Nino Munoz/CPI Syndication

She became a “Hitchcock blonde” for the role.
It’s dyed. Wigs don’t cut it for me. When I look in the mirror, they look false.

Saying yes to a series
I have two toddlers [son Fynn, four, and daughter Gytta, two, with husband Renn Hawkey, a producer], and I was creating a nomadic existence. My son has been on more than 200 flights! We are now experiencing the power of routine.

On turning 40 in August
I’m not a numbers gal. I’ve been very direct about my age, never skittish or apologetic. Look, I see things stiffening and sagging. Because of that, I think it’s absolutely crucial to keep everything else flexible and open, which is your mind and heart.

True beauty
The women I find most beautiful, at 40, 50, 60 and 70, all have confidence and style and a genuine smile. What is consistent in all these women is self-knowledge. That’s the most important beauty secret.

Hindsight isn’t 20/20
I’ve loved the discovery process, and I’m not sure if I would actually tip my younger self in any way. But I definitely would have said, “Walk slower” and “Insecurity is a choice.”

Downtime on the farm
I have a hobby farm in upstate New York. Before my children, my baby goats actually were my kids, which is what baby goats are called. I had time for hobbies, like designing and knitting sweaters. I produced the wool and spun it. Now the goats are just pets. They fertilize my perennial garden.

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First Published Tue, 2013-03-05 12:06

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