Game Changers: Five Books That Will Transform The Way You Think

These new book releases will recalibrate your mind and heart

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"The Liars’ Gospel"

by Naomi Alderman (Little, Brown)


Head-spinning perspectives on the life and times of Jesus, from a novelist who wields her pen like a sword.


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"Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953"

by Elizabeth Winder (Harper)


The poet's demons hadn't quite caught up with her when, in college, she won a guest editorship at Mademoiselle in New York. We knew about Plath's ambition—and angst—but her penchant for flaming-red lipstick and princess heels was a bit of a surprise.


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"The Shape of the Eye"

by George Estreich (Tarcher/Penguin)


“To write a book about a child with Down syndrome, as that child grows, is to understand that life is water. It runs, slips, evaporates, changes course . . .” A father’s eloquent, searching memoir.


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"Vera Gran: The Accused"

by Agata Tuszynska (Knopf)


Can you promise that you’d die before you would betray your friends and family? A startling, searing portrait based on interviews with a celebrated singer who escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto.


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"Keeping Hope Alive"

Dr. Hawa Abdi with Sarah J. Robbins (Grand Central Publishing)

As this caring realist, who shelters thousands of refugees and treats them at her hospital in Somalia, once told a journalist, “Today we are happy . . . Nobody died.” Words to live by.

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