Our Favorite Signs of Spring

The first few weeks of spring can be such a tease--"sunny and mild" turns back into "wintry mix" before we've even had a chance to complain about the pollen count. Here's how we know it's safe to ditch the snow gear and welcome the warmer weather.

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Nature Shout-Out

When the blue jay starts squawking outside my window. (And continues--unless the cat gets him, which happened one year!)   --Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor-in-Chief


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License To Ride

When it’s finally warm enough to take my first bike ride of the year.  --Nanette Varian, Features Editor


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Tree Spree

My little suburban town is full of flowering trees, and the spring is when they blossom. For a few weeks, the place is deliriously beautiful. --Judy Coyne, Executive Editor


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Bonus Hours

When I leave work and it’s still light outside. --Alexa Kravitz, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief (also Lauren Williams, Associate Editor)


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Bursts of Yellow

When the forsythia is in bloom. --Susan Toepfer, Entertainment/Features Editor


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Polished and Primed

When it’s time for my first pedicure of the season. I don’t splurge on pedis during the winter months, when they won’t be seen, but I love picking that first hot coral shade and pairing it with open-toed wedges.  --Alana Peden, Contributing Assistant Fashion and Beauty Editor


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Sidewalk Service

When restaurants reopen their sidewalk table service. It always manages to put me in the best mood. --Laura Sinberg, Features Editor


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Breathing Lessons

The sweet smell of soil that happens after the air has warmed up for a day or two. Sometimes called the “breath of spring,” this has something to do with soil microbes getting active up after a long winter sleep. --Nancy Stedman, Deputy Editor, Health


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Embracing the Frizz

When there is finally a TINY bit of humidity in the air and for the first time in months I don’t QUITE feel like a dried prune all day.  --Susan Swimmer, Contributing Fashion Features Editor


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Familiar Friends


--Debra Bishop, Creative Director


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Fresh Air Fun

When I can buckle up my rollerblades and ride down to the track near my house for some fun exercise. I’ll take any excuse not to go to the gym! --Nicole Papantoniou, Assistant Web Editor


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Wake-Up Call

When the pigeons start cooing in the morning. (The sound used to make me anxious because it also signaled the approach of finals, but now that I'm exam-free, it is a welcome call to rise and shine.)  --Mackie Siebens, Editorial Assistant


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Old Reliables

It used to be seeing ducks on our pond. But the pond dried up! So now I guess it’s the first buds on the quince bush.  --Cathy Medwick, Literary Editor


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Fresh Start

When I feel the urge to go outside and rake my yard, clear flower beds and visit the nursery to buy pansies.  --Stephanie von Hirschberg, Features Editor


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