5 Things That Make Us Feel More Youthful

No need for anti-aging cream! Here, little things in life that help us shave off a few years

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Showing technology who’s boss

You didn’t grow up tweeting, and downloading from “the cloud” feels less like an entertainment option and more like an SAT exam. So the day you successfully navigate Facebook’s ever-changing privacy settings without yelling down the hall for your son to come help—go ahead and pat yourself on the back.


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Being the fittest you’ve ever been

It’s never too late to tackle that marathon you put off during your twenties when you were busy taking part in other events, like happy hour. Kicking your own college-age butt by getting into great shape now makes for the sweetest victory lap.


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Being mistaken for your daughter’s sister

God bless the sales associate who offers to help “you and your sister” get set up in a fitting room. And regardless of how many eye rolls your twenty-something offspring is executing, bask in the clerk’s refusal to believe you’re not a mere five years older than your kid.


When a friend mistakenly thinks you've had work done

Send your facialist flowers—those monthly appointments have paid off. When soemone assumes that your smooth skin is a product of cosmetic surgery, try to break the news gently that you're au naturel.


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Keeping up with the trends—by accident

When you bought your new cardigan, you had no idea it was “seafoam,” one of the season’s hottest colors. Just try to play it cool when your coworkers are visibly impressed with your fashion hipness.


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