What a Healthy Body Looks Like

Four women, ages 37 to 67, show off their healthy bodies

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Angela Davis, 37, Soulcyle Instructor and Former Professional Runner

On growing up an athlete “I ran track in college, then professionally. I was on the 2000 U.S. world-championship team.”


On her weight wake-up “My first year in college, I was still training, but I went from 117 pounds to 140. This taught me being lean was not a given; I had to watch what I ate as well.”


On weight loss 2.0 “In 2004 I stopped competing, then I got married and had two kids. When my second son turned one, I was carrying 40 extra pounds. It was then that I committed to exercising an hour a day and having lots of veggies and protein, plus a gallon of water daily. It took me six months to get it all off.”


On her regimen now “Each week I teach 12 Spin classes at SoulCycle, and I take yoga once or twice. I also eat only lean protein, plus raw veggies three times a day. When I do fall off the wagon, I just remind myself of the direct link between what I eat and how my body responds.”

Ari Michelson

Mary Strong, 40, Sports Broadcaster and Owner of the Green Yogi Studio

On the fun side of fitness “I’ve played beach volleyball all my life—I was even a professional player for a while—and still enjoy it. For me it’s not about getting a hard body; it’s fun and makes me happy.”


On making time for exercise “Each week I look at my calendar and write in when I will exercise. Making time to work out gives you more energy, so you can get everything else on your calendar done.”


On finding yoga “I took a yoga class in college, and it changed my life. I became committed to the practice and opened my own studio three years ago.”


On fitness now “I think it ages you to overdo it. Now I only do workouts that bring me joy, like yoga or volleyball, and my body has actually become slimmer.”


On her eating philosophy “I am moving toward a more vegan diet, and I lost 10 pounds. My skin looks better, too!”

Ari Michelson

Sandy Hill, 58, Mountaineer and author of "Mountain: Portraits of High Places"

On the myth of Gidget “I grew up in Northern California in the 1960s, when surfer girls were the girlfriends of surfer boys; they didn’t get on boards themselves. So I climbed mountains instead. The peaks were accessible, and girls were allowed.”


On surfing at last “I moved to Southern California a couple of years ago, and now I surf often. Even losing the tip of my finger in a surfing accident last year hasn’t diminished my enthusiasm.”


On aging well “Two years ago, I started working out at a CrossFit gym, and now I’m stronger and have more endurance than I did in my thirties.”


On making like a cavewoman “I follow the Paleolithic diet, which says not to eat anything we wouldn’t have [been able to find] 10,000 years ago. So I subsist on seeds, nuts, veggies, fruit and game meat. I rarely stray, though I do allow myself tequila and Mast Brothers Chocolate.”

Ari Michelson

Joan Siffert, 67, Nonprofit Fund Raiser, Gym Regular

On consistency “I do anaerobic strength training—kettlebell swings, squats, the plank position—three days a week with trainer Ed Cashin at Exceed Physical Culture, a gym he co-owns in Manhattan. I’ve worked out with Ed for 20 years and some years saw him more than others. But I never stopped altogether, which has made all the difference.”


On staying strong “Working out with Ed helps me maintain muscle mass as I age, which I believe keeps my metabolism efficient.”


On self-love “When I was younger, I wasn’t grateful for what I had, but today I am. Meditation and kundalini yoga helped me view my body in a new way.”


On eating well “I am mostly a vegetarian; I do eat some fish and chicken. I went vegan a few years back at my daughter’s suggestion, but I gained weight. When I asked my daughter how she was avoiding that, she said, ‘Oh, Mom, I gave up veganism months ago.’ So that was the end of that.”


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