Tweets from History's Famous Women

What we think historical heroines like Pocahontas and Georgia OKeeffe would have tweeted in 140 characters or less

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Wondering if new hottie’s name is really @JohnSmith. #suspicious

Erin Jang


Signed up for a flower painting class. Hope it’s not boring. #vaginas

Erin Jang


John’s off to Paris again while I’m stuck @home with the kids. #PagingBettyFriedan

Erin Jang


Not in any rush to start dating again. Still not over @CousinAlbert. #Match #JDate 

Erin Jang


Saw #SouthPacific on #Broadway. Made no sense whatsoever. #UnenchantedEvening

Erin Jang


Screwed up my eyeliner today. Hard to work with kohl. #SomebodyPleaseInventMaybelline

Erin Jang


#Retweeting is lame. Think for yourselves, you twits. #Fountainhead #Dunderheads

Erin Jang


My mom found my diaries in my dresser drawer. I am so busted. #Groundedforlife

Erin Jang


Just flew solo across #Atlantic Ocean. Without a bathroom. #TryTHATfellas @MileagePlus  

Erin Jang


Anyone recommend good tweezers? @Diego is complaining. #Revlon #unibrow

Erin Jang


@Clyde dropping by tonight on way to ATM. #BankOfAmerica

Erin Jang


I want to be alone. Stop following me.


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Erin Jang

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