Fake It with Makeup: 5 Tricks for Instant Results

Remedies for eye problems take time (and money), but a dip into your cosmetic case can yield instant results. Makeup artists Kimara Ahnert and Emily Kate Warren explain how

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Erase Dark Circles

Apply concealer from the eye’s inner corner up to the brow, then beneath the lower lashes. Press and blend with your finger. Then skip mascara and liner on your lower lashes, since they can smudge, exaggerating the darkness there. Try Clé de Peau Concealer ($70; neimanmarcus.com).


Fill In Hollows

Keeping eyeshadows neutral but bright (think bisque or honey) will make the eye area look less recessed. Kimara Ahnert’s Eye Fix ($27; kimara.com) helps brighten the whole lid area instantly.


Fill In Fine Lines

Dab on eye cream to plump the skin; top with a silicone-based primer to fill in lines. Finish with a thin layer of creamy concealer (anything too dry sinks into the lines). Try Smashbox Photo Finish Pore and Line Primer ($34; sephora.com).


Unpack Bags

Tap a liquid concealer around the bags’ edges and in the eyes’ inner corners to minimize shadows from puffiness. Then dab a highlighter on your cheekbones to brighten and distract from the bags. Try Laura Mercier Secret Brightener ($30; lauramercier.com).


One Overlooked Aging Culprit

“Eyelashes start to thin in your thirties and continue to get sparser over time. The result is tired-looking eyes,” says Jessica Wu, MD. One solution experts agree is effective: Latisse (5-milliliter bottle, a 10-week ­supply, $75 to $125). “It’s a topical form of a glaucoma medication that stimulates hair growth on the eyelid,” says Elizabeth K. Hale, MD. After three months, lashes look thicker and darker. Ask your doctor about it.


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