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by MORE • Editors

Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved what you did with the June 2013 issue.  I had just retired from a college teaching job and was in my first month of “Ahhh!  I want to do something outside of my comfort zone for once!”  And there was the issue to read at my leisure.  Also, my daughter, who is trying to find herself again after having a son 2 ½ years ago (and has gotten into some bad health habits due to lack of sleep and time for herself), loved the article on changing habits.  I ripped it out for her and she read it on the plane home.  She said it was exactly the article she needed to read at the time.

Your June survey is closed, but I wanted to remark on how excellent and fun I thought the magazine was to read and keep!
--Christine Goold

Hi Meredith,

I really enjoyed your article in the latest issue of More about making friends especially about meeting kindred spirits at different ages. My 70 year-old girlfriend and I often commiserate about our youngest children (her baby is a year younger than me and my baby girl is 17). I passed the article along to another girlfriend facing a move with her retirement in a couple of years.

Thanks for the day brightener.  I wish you all the best with your future adventures.

--Susan Winters

Dear MORE,

I have been enjoying MORE for maybe twenty years as a subscriber, but this new look is so dumbed down that I will sadly give it up unless you go back. Hyper does not equal intelligent.

So sorry,

Hello More.  I love the magazine but I feel you are ignoring us.  Who is us?  We are those women in our 70's and older who still work by choice and still want to look good.  I, for one, am an artist and do look grungy when I'm working in my studio but when I'm in the classroom teaching art history on the college level or going to an opening or out with my husband or friends, I want to look good!

I'm not talking about plastic surgery or Botox, I'm talking about fashion.  Obviously, we are a determined group and want to stay in the game.  Please consider my request.   Thank you.

Best regards and carry on
--Susan Turconi

My first More magazine was a gift from my sister just after I marked a significant birthday, lost my job, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (oh yes, and our one and only left for college). To say this was a challenging time in my life would be an understatement. To say motivating stories about loving life, yourself and finding a reason to "Carpe Diem" were critical to me as a I navigated some new "opportunities" would also be an understatement.
Since my sister first gave me the gift subscription, I have often carried the publication with me to read while waiting for appointments, relaxing and of course there are always plenty of great stories worth sharing.  When I noticed the "call for comments" in a recent edition we were out on our pontoon boat.  Much to my surprise, when I lifted the publication off my legs I noticed discoloration. The ATHLETA ad from the back cover had transferred to my skin (if you look closely -- two times over).  Guess that is one way of carrying a message forward ...
Thank you More for the great articles, empowering stories and positive focus. I used the "pay it forward" card to offer More to a friend. What a lovely gesture of sharing goodness and More.
Happy Father's Day (and family day) to you all.
--Susan Sizemore

Dear Ms. Seymour,

As a regular subscriber to MORE Magazine, I wish to make a comment on the great article by Leah Rozen featuring Debra Messing! She is one beautiful lady and I did enjoy watching Will and Grace for many years.

However, Ms. Rozen omitted one very important, though small role of Ms. Messing.

In 1995, she was a member of the cast in the film A Walk in the Clouds as the first wife of Keanu Reeves, with whom she had nothing in common! But, she played the part so well!! Also, in the cast included Anthony Quinn & Giancarlo Giannini—no minor actors with whom to work! This was a beautiful film and can be watched by youth—no sex or violence! Scenery is magnificent and a good lesson in life.

--Beatrice A. King

Dear Lesley, I’m one of your faithful “older” readers who stays relatively young by reading your wonderful magazine. I have never felt a need to express my feelings about the magazine before because I found nothing to be upset about. However (don’t you just love that)…..I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not but this last issue (vol.16 #5) was such a disappointment. Not in the reading matter as much as the layout of many of the pages. It seemed too “busy” and the “feel” of the magazine was that it was less “classy”. I don’t know if you have a new art-director or what, but something is different and I hope the magazine goes back to it’s less trashy (YES, I do really feel that way) look. Thank you for my ranting. I look forward to the magazine each month.

--Bette Friedman

Dear Lesley,

I've been an avid reader of More for years.. it's one of the few intellegent magazines left for women but your June issue with its new graphics have destroyed it for me.. Are you going for readers from 10 to 15? It's hard on the eyes.. in your face.. not pleasant or fun"but like a comic book.. I read More for the articles .. you've dumbed down to the point I will not subcribe again.

--Diana Hornig

Hello Lesley- I've been a More subscriber off and on over the years........don't have time to put my opinion on survey.  Just a couple of things- I really have never seen a "Letters to the Editor" in More, am I right and why not?

The last few issues have been such disappointments as far as content- the articles are shallow and boring and using the layout style as seen on pages 66-61 and throughout various issues, is totally annoying visually and just  cheap and unattractive.  I can't put my finger on the tone of this magazine, but it seems you're just throwing information out there such as clothing suggestions  that are silly and meaningless as you've chosen $540. shoes and $415. skirts! I don't even see good advertising pages.  Gave subscription to my dauighter and she asked me to not renew.  I do love Harper's Bazaar and would love to look forward to each issue of More once again. Please try to smooth it out, upgrade the content, add some truly in-depth and interesting articles/stories.  Re: buying the expensive bra in France as few years ago- that was a goodie.

Hope to see some good changes before too long.

Thank you.
--Patricia Dowd

While I love More Magazine and can't wait to read it when it arrives, I have a comment about the pictures taken of the cover story woman.  I noticed that every spread has the woman, this month Debra Messing  shown with her legs wide open.  Why is this?  She had a pillow between her legs, but the pose is very suggestive and reminds me of Playboy or other girlie mags.  I really thought we evolved past this.  Debra Messing and the other women you profile are just as interesting and pretty with their legs closed.

--Kathy Mazzio

Hello Lesley,

After a few years of not reading More, I picked up the June issue at an airport newsstand.  I was very attracted to the "busting our of her comfort zone" theme.  One of the first things I read was your "Letter for Lesley."  One of your comments stuck with me throughout the magazine.  My question to you is, how old do you think you will be when you are too old to enjoy new experiences and  acquiring new skills? --Jill Pfister

Hi There,

I have hesitated to write this email as I've never done this before. But after reading your June issue I feel that I must.

I was a subscriber of MORE for several years until it was redesigned. I loved the initial concept of your Magazine as I'm a woman in my mid  50's and found it very relatable. I know this is just my opinion, but I find your current format hard to  read and confusing. The spread beginning on page 53 is a perfect reference point. Although this is not great feedback, I feel compelled as an owner of 3  retail stores to let you know that a publication I used to greatly enjoy  is one I no longer do! While looking for contact info on your web site,  I found it very  organized and easy to use and looks great!


Dear Ms. Seymour:

I have been a MORE subscriber for many years now.  I have pretty much liked whatever slight changes were made to the magazine through the years I have been a loyal subscriber.  BUT, I HATE THIS NEW [JUNE] ISSUE.

There is nothing about this "new" look that I like ... I really liked the old one ... esp. the page of witticism that you have now eliminated. I don't find anything interesting or enjoyable about this version.

If this is how MORE will continue to look, I will not be renewing my subscription.

Sincerely Disappointed,
--Robin Schapiro

Lesley Jane Seymour:

In your June column you proclaimed a "call to action." I took you seriously and thought about the things that are important to me in my life, as I move into my early 60's. It is important to me to be honest and not to waste my time.

So I did something I've been thinking about: I cancelled my subscription to More.

I've been a More reader and/or subscriber since the magazine began. I liked the idea of a magazine for women that offered me something beyond just fashion promos and home decoration ideas. And, for years, that is what the magazine gave me -- interesting, thought-provoking articles about women, our issues, and our lives. I liked the personality pieces, I liked the photo spreads and I liked the book reviews.

But something has happened over the last year; the magazine has taken a new direction that does not interest me. It feels like the magazine is becoming a Cosmopolitan clone (do we really need photos of Debra Messing covering her crotch with a pillow)? Shouldn't the point of magazines like More and O be that we are more than sexualized fantasies? Yes, sex and sexuality are an important part of our lives, no matter how old we are. But, we are and should be, well, more.
--Amy Derby
former supporter and subscriber.

I love getting my MORE magazine in the mail. I was shocked this month to see the picture of Debra Messing on page 71. She's a Mom. Would she let her young son see that picture and if he did, what would he think?!? To me...it's soft porn and it should have no place is my favorite magazine!!! Thanks for letting me vent...

Dear Lesley, I have been a subscriber to more this past year. I originally enjoyed your magazine but the two most recent issues turned me off.

In the May issue, your feature article on Lauren Graham began with a photo of her leaning over and exposing her cleavage. Since this is a women's magazine, I found it very distasteful and rather vulgar to look at. Then I pick up my June Issue and see Debbie Messing posing with a pillow to cover her lower half since she only has a tuxedo shirt on .Also, I was not impressed with the story of Miss Messing and her "art of starting over". Is this what we call infidelity today?  These two woman are far from what I would describe as women of style and substance. I think your magazine has become trashier with each issue and instead of making women feel good about ourselves you choose to go ahead and exploit women as sex objects. Shame on you.

I will not be subscribing to your magazine in the future but I hope you will reconsider my thoughts and  present a magazine that features a more sophisticated format for the "More" sophisticated reader you're searching for.

Thank you for your time,
--Patricia Abbott

I just sat down to read my June issue of More and wow -- this issue has definitely been rebuilt.

I wish I could say that I love it, but honestly, I don't (and I'm so sorry). The big black fonts and crazy layouts are distracting and very hard to read. Please bring back our beautiful, sophisticated magazine!!

Jun 013 issue:  Can you get answers from the dead by Amanda Robb?

I am disappointed and insulted in above article.

I am a Spiritualist and believe in after life communication and reincarnation and have psychic abilities myself.  I do not do readings but have had readings and personal connection that assisted in grief process. 

Robb’s article was disgusting and insensitive to folks w/my beliefs.

I have had many positive psychic readings, unlike the article.  I admit there are many charlatan psychics just as there are preachers, enter Pat Robertson.

How about an article of a positive reading for spirituality?  You’d be surprised how many of us are out here.


I thoroughly enjoy about 80% of your magazine.  I am looking for substance, deeply researched and meaningful articles that offer practical information, highly motivating or touching stories of women from all over the world, snapshots or more intimate pieces on successful women, possibly even a touch of poetry or art, and yes - data on beauty and fashion but with a slant towards healthy, real, and reasonable advice.

In most issues, it feels like you are trying to cover your bases - as in, let's make sure we reach that intelligent woman who is looking for all of the things mentioned above AND let's also give 20% to that woman who might gravitate to less substance, more surface.  That 20% factor diminishes your message.

One example of the 20% factor is the photography that accompanies the monthly feature on a woman - Lauren Graham shoving her cleavage in my face or another actress making kitten eyes at the camera in 4" heels in a suggestive pose on a bed does not feel connected to substance in any shape or form.  It feels like a ploy.  And why not use REAL women to model the clothing you are featuring instead of the glossy, dewy frozen model in front of fans?

So I have this Love/Dislike feeling when the magazine arrives and Lesley, your Editor-in-Chief, has asked us to voice our opinions and tell you what we think.

I would like MORE to be different than the 99% of magazines out there for women.  I would like you to keep doing the 80% and shift the 20%.  I would love one month to open MORE and not have a ridiculous photo montage with the featured woman or the featured wardrobe, but instead something that feels more authentic and respectful. I do not linger in 4" heels in my back yard draped over a chaise with fans blowing my tousled hair nor do I wear a $2,000 dress with a plunging neck line and fringed skirt to walk through a field.  We are already bombarded with all that "perfection" and "sexiness" and we are hungry for something more - more lifelike, more realistic, less ridiculous.

Thank you,
--Lisa Colletti

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