Woman of Interest: Wendy Williams

The outspoken star of "The Wendy Williams Show"  interviews herself about work-life balance and second acts

by Wendy Williams
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Photograph: Ruven Afanador/Corbis Outline

What’s the one question people always ask you? 
They want to know about my wigs. My hair is thin because of thyroid disease. If I were a smaller woman, I could deal with that. But everything about me is big. My teeth, my boobs—I’ve got implants, and I love them. My feet are size 12. My personality. Why would I have small hair?

How does your son, Kevin, feel about your being on TV?
I’m just a mom. But I have seen him use the Wendy Williams card. Particularly with the girls, because they’re very girly at 12: “I loved the bracelet that your mother had on.” When they come to the house, it makes him proud because he knows that at home I’m just Mrs. Hunter.

How do you and your husband find alone time? 
We drive to work together, because car services have nosy drivers and we want to be able to talk. I do the show at 10 am, and I’m usually home in New Jersey by 1. That frees me to go to ShopRite to figure out what we’ll have for dinner. My boys don’t expect me to cook for them, but it’s part of the normalcy I grew up with.

What was the craziest request you’ve ever gotten? 
To pose for PETA, and I did it! My son thought that was fabulous. Of course, because he’s 12, his friends are all stupid: “I saw your mom naked when she posed for PETA.” But my son loves that. He’s not offended.

Do you see a second act after TV? 
My second act is going to be strictly as a businesswoman. We have a production company with a show called Secret Celebrity about to start on Oxygen. I have my sixth book, Ask Wendy, about to come out. I also have a wig line coming.

You’re 48. Any concerns about getting older? 
I love being this age. I can’t wait to see what it’s like at 58. But I do think the world needs to do right by us as we get older

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First Published Fri, 2013-05-17 15:53

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