Get More Out of Summer

Summer is a short season so don’t waste a minute. Here, 6 tips for maximizing your enjoyment

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Grow Your Own Herbs

If a full-on garden feels like too big a commitment, or you simply lack the planting space, consider trying your hand at herbs. They’re a low-maintenance way to flex your green thumb and the pots can go anywhere. Motivation: Envision yourself at the dinner table, explaining to your guests that, yes, you did grow the basil in the pesto.


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Learn to Make a New Drink

If you’ve been downing the same chardonnay for decades (or the same gin and ginger ale since college), it’s time to expand your repertoire with a ginger lemongrass piña colada or grapefruit sparkler (compliments of The Food Network). The summery-sounding names are refreshing all on their own.


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Hit Pause On Your Work Day

Why wait until the weekend to notice the sky is blue? Break up your workday by getting out of the office at lunchtime, even for just a five-minute walk around the block. (Your boss will benefit too, because you’ll be the only one not suffering from 3:00 PM slump.)


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Reconnect with Friends

Though we often lose touch during the cold hibernation months, this is your moment to carve out space each week for someone you haven’t seen in awhile. Can’t spare an entire afternoon for the beach? Reconnecting tastes good even if it’s just over iced coffee.


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Go Biking…Everywhere

Retire your car to the garage and challenge yourself to rely mostly on your bike. Try to find new routes to old places and get reacquainted with your neighborhood—you may stumble upon a new farmer’s market or bistro. Do we even have to mention the extra exercise and savings on gas?


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Treat Yourself to a Summer Scent

You wear sundresses now, not sweaters, so why let seasonality stop there? Ditch your heavy perfume for a light and airy fragrance that matches the weather.  Each whiff will serve as a sweet celebration of the season.


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