What You Told Us About Happiness

For insight into what makes women happiest at different ages, we turned to MORE's readers, 350 of whom responded--with typical warmth, humor and moxie--to a survey posted on MORE.com from January 30 to February 25. Here's a selection of what you told us

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"Allowing myself a piece of candy every day...and not feeling guilty about it."


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"Journaling in the morning with a good cup of coffee."

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"Children! For years I said I would never have them. Now I have three of my own and three stepsons. I find such unexpected joy in the things they say and do."


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"Tracking our credit score and seeing it go up as I take control."

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"Simple pleasures, like watching the sun rise, that I never noticed before."


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"Putting my phone on vibrate and ignoring it."


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"Finding the most wonderful person in the world to love and be loved by."


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"Being alive--I am a cancer survivor."


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"I love to go on trips with my hubby! Having money for travel is what makes me happy. I would love to give money away, too."


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