Our Favorite Animal Videos

From frolicking felines to cunning canines, the animals in these videos make us smile and want to share

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Kitten Cam

Animal Planet partnered with the Washington Animal Rescue League for a live feed of kittens. Not a cat person? The feed alternates weekly with a puppy cam. 


Ready to Roll

Über-talented Pomeranian Jiff shows off his latest tricks—headstands! walking on two legs! skateboarding!—in this quick highlight reel.


License to Purr

A trio of four-week-old kittens frolic in a plush car with an empty seat that hopefully has our name on it.


Snack Time

Seems even pups can’t resist a ripe watermelon treat


Cool Moves

Jasmine the Havanese shows off 45 of her best tricks—including pushing a grocery cart while walking on two legs!


Friends Forever

These furry animals paired up in unlikely ways to become BFFs.


Circle of Life

Watching an endangered species of penguins hatch? How egg-cellent—and adorable.


I Love You

This owner taught her dog to say those three magic words.


Homeward Bound

This touching reunion between owner and dog shows that distance makes the heart grow fonder.


Nice to Meet You

Watching this kitten and hedgehog get to know each other is cuteness overload.


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