5 Unusual Marriage Prenups

Think prenups are all about money? Many couples now regard them as extensions of their wedding vows, writing highly specific demands into the agreements. New York–based attorney Ann--Margaret Corrozza shares some clauses she has negotiated

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Weight Limitations

Spouse cannot gain more than 25 pounds (unless within 12 months of giving birth or because of a medical condition).

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Bedroom Schedules

Spouse will have sex two to four times per week.

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Vacation Limitation

Spouse’s mother may not join them on any vacation for more than one night.

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TV Bans

Wife may watch only two reality TV shows per week; husband may watch no more than two televised sporting matches per month.

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Cat Clause

Wife cannot adopt additional cats or replace hers when they die.

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First Published Mon, 2013-08-05 14:59

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