15 Quotes on Reinvention

MORE applauds women who traded their day jobs for their dream careers. Here, our favorite quotes from some of the women we've profiled who took the leap and found success

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From homemaker to lottery director

“I didn’t set out to be a leader. I just had the drive that went with it. And now that the worst has happened I can keep moving forward. Nothing can make me afraid.”


Virginia Bauer, "Hitting the Jackpot," March 2004

From banker to singer

“…I see now that the emotion we call fear is really a huge source of energy. So whenever I tingle with that vibration, I know that I’m on the precipice of something significant. It’s then I feel most alive.”


René Marie, "Firsts After Forty," October 2005

From banker to chocolatier

“This is the person I have always wanted to be and maybe always was. I feel like I’m in college again studying art history, doing something creative. I feel younger, maybe not physically sometimes, but in terms of my spirit. I am getting a chance to do it all over again.”


Joan Coukos, "From Banking to Bonbons," April 2006

From business owner to writer

“In my twenties and thirties, success had to do with proving something to the world. Now it’s more about proving something to myself.”


Lisa Yee, "The Cost of Passion," October 2006

From financial adviser to business owner

“In my previous life, I was selling financial services. Now I’m selling adventure.”


Claudia Espenscheid, "A Sea Change," December 2006/January 2007

From corporate marketer to business owner

“I finally see that my strength comes from inside, not from a title or a husband.”


Claire Jordan, "What Divorce Does to Your Career," February 2007

From Silicon Valley exec to writer

"I couldn't have gone on in business without what I think of as great soul damage. Writing is what I know I have to do, regardless of the economic consequences."


Lalita Tademy, "She Ditched the Corner Office," May 2008

From psychotherapist to real estate broker

“There were times juggling my life became next to impossible. But you can do next to impossible.”


Wendy Maitland, "Reinvent Yourself Richer," March 2009

From teacher to artist

“I am a late bloomer, but I finally figured out that there is always going to be someone better than you, and, at some point, you just have to say, that’s OK, I still have something to offer.”


Kathy Davis, "Designing a New Life," September 2009

From homemaker to TV star

“I don’t see myself necessarily as a survivor but as managing my life…Some people are passive. I want to get out there and drive the damn thing.”


Kathryn Joosten, "The World's (Now) Their Stage, December 2009/January 2010

From trader to holistic health business owner

“My revenge is more about empowerment than retribution. I didn’t leave a disintegrating marriage at first, because I didn’t believe that a woman my age could start all over again. This reinvention was a way back to myself.”


Ellen Whitehurst, "Reinvention is the Best Revenge," November 2010

From tech exec to wine bar owner

“I have years of life lessons that provide foundation for every decision, At this age, I say to myself, If not now, when? Go for what you want, or life will pass you by.”


Beth Lemke, "Grape Escape," October 2011

From insurance agent to feed-store owner

“I had to be stern and direct and establish myself as a force. I had to let people know, ‘I’m not going away.’ This is what women have to do in business. We have to work twice as hard as men to establish credibility, and only then do we get to play in the game. But in the end, being a woman is a blessing because once you establish yourself, you stand out.”


Sandy Hensen, "Suddenly You're the Boss," May 2012

From radiologist to Calamondin-cake queen

“A friend once said to me, ‘Ask yourself if you have 10 years to give to your venture. If your answer is no, then find your happiness doing something else.’”


Laurie Gutstein, "Sweet Reinventions," November 2012

From physician to business owner

“I felt this stunned, chilled satisfaction of having created something that never existed before.”


Dr. Amy Baxter, "Failure Was Not an Option," May 2013

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