7 Easy-to-Use Time-Saving Apps

These free apps will help you stay organized and save money—in an instant

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Lucy Phone

Sick of being placed on hold for hours each time you want to change an airline reservation or resolve a cable dispute? Lucy Phone solves the problem by doing the waiting for you. Simply feed the app a company’s phone number, along with your own digits. Then navigate the phone tree until you’re placed on hold and hang up. Lucy Phone will endure the endless loop of elevator music so you can tend to more important business. When a customer service representative finally answers the line, the app will call your phone and connect you—saving you time, frustration and plenty of smartphone battery.


Available for iPhone and Android


ZocDoc lets you find doctors, read reviews and book appointments all in one place. After you download the app, you’ll be prompted to input your insurance carrier and plan, and your location. ZocDoc will filter out offices that don’t take your provider, and leave you with a list of physicians to choose from in your area. Sort by specialty and read patient reviews to help you select a specific doc, then book an appointment through the app. Depending on the doctor, you can even fill out patient forms ahead of time and have the app send them to the office electronically, leaving you with nothing to do in the waiting room but catch up on your favorite magazines.


Available for iPhone and Android


SpaFinder is the ZocDoc for more relaxing appointments. Tell the app where you are, what treatment you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay and it will present you with a list of spas nearby. Click on your oasis of choice for user reviews and a menu of treatments. SpaFinder is especially handy for travelers looking to book on the go. Walking or driving directions are included.


Available for iPhone


Shopaholics and deal-seekers take note: Lyst lets you scroll through the latest offerings from your favorite designers and flag the pieces you can’t live without. If you can fend off temptation for a few weeks, you might be rewarded—the app notifies you when your selections go on sale.


Available for iPhone


Asana is ideal for startups, small businesses or anyone working on a project with a small group. Part instant messenger, part task manager, it organizes all of the tasks necessary to finish a project in one place and lets managers keep track of who is working on what. And because the tasks are visible to all participants, as soon as someone finishes an assignment, they know what to tackle next.


Free for teams of up to 15 members; available for iPhone and Android

Key Ring

Never miss out on a discount again just because you switched purses. Key Ring allows you to store all of your rewards cards digitally. You can also navigate weekly circulars and download coupons to use in-store.


Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry


Ditch your written grocery list in favor of ZipList, an app that makes shopping for dinner, or any other meal, a snap. Just select a recipe from its massive index and type in your grocery store of choice. ZipList will create a shopping list—neatly organized by aisle so that you can cross off items as you stroll—and provide other stores in your area that are having sales on the products you need.


Available for iPhone and Android

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