4 Customized Skin Correctors

Sometimes one-size-fits-all anti-agers don’t cut it. These products target specific complexion complaints

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Complaint: You have sunspots

Solution: Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector ($90; skinceuticals​​.com).

Inhibits melanin production to fade spots and prevent new ones.


Complaint: Your tone is uneven

Solution: Lancôme Dream Tone serum ($98 each; lancome​.com).

Created for fair, medium or dark skin, to clear mottled complexions. 


Complaint: Your skin is dry and acne prone

Solution: Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil ($38; peterthomasroth.com). Employs lipids to give the hydrating benefits of oil sans shine.


Complaint: You’ve got fine lines

Solution: Avon Anew Skinvincible Multi-Shield Lotion ($36; avon.com).

Uses antioxidants to combat age-accelerating free radicals. 

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First Published Wed, 2013-10-09 12:11

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