2013 Beauty Search Winners

MORE readers are gorgeous in every decade, so this year we selected four winners rather than just one. Click through this slideshow to find out how these amazing real women, ages 33 to 71, are making the most of their looks.

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Making the most of her 40s

Phyllis Cavallone Jurek
Age 43

Why she feels beautiful in her 40s
“I believe that what makes someone beautiful is joy. And my own joy has only grown with age. I have an amazing husband of 18 years and two wonderful sons, and I am the principal of an inner-city Catholic elementary school in Chicago—work that began as a job evolved into a career and is now something I see as a vocation.”
On the importance of “me” time
“Taking care of yourself is a gift to your family because you simply feel better and you’re more equipped to cope. I get up at 5:30 am and work out five or six times a week. I run, strength train or do yoga or Pilates. I am also a believer in the importance of eating well: I come from a family of Italian cooks who gardened and grew their own vegetables.”

Ari Michelson

Her two big indulgences
“I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure once a month, usually with a polish in some shade of brown or burgundy. And I love Lindt dark chocolate.”
Her beauty secret
“I try to stay out of the sun, and I use argan oil in my coarse, thick hair. But genes play a role, too. I am lucky enough to have a gorgeous mother who is closing in on 70.”

Making the most of her 70s

Evelyn Harris
Age 71

Why she feels more beautiful in her 70s
“I have lived a lovely, joyful, sad and magical life, and I feel that is reflected in my face. My son Josh, a Navy SEAL, died in Afghanistan five years ago, and we lost my two-year-old grandson, Beau, to a metabolic disease six years ago. But I’ve found so much happiness as the mother of three, a grandmother of two other boys and wife to my husband, Sam, who has been my wonderful, constant companion for 49 years.”
Why she loves living in the South
“Since 1975, I have lived on a farm in Lexington, North Carolina, a town where people care about one another and are not shy about saying it. What
a precious thing!”

Ari Michelson

Her simple beauty regimen
“I’ve washed my face with Dial soap most of my life, and I use a little Aquaphor on dry spots on my skin. I’ve never had plastic surgery, and I let my silver hair grow in years ago, in my forties. Makeup-wise, I’m loyal to CoverGirl. I started using their eyeliner and mascara in my thirties, and I’ve never switched.”

What she tells herself every morning
“When people ask me how I’m doing—in the last 10 years, I’ve survived both a heart attack and breast cancer—I simply say, ‘I got up this morning and took that first step.’ The first step is important, because it leads to all the rest.”

Making the most of her 50s

Vina Bermudez Mogg

Age 52


Why she feels beautiful in her 50s

“Right now I am raising my four children and caring for my elderly mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. But through this extraordinarily messy time, something beautiful has evolved: a stronger, more graceful me. I entered this contest primarily as a way to reach out to other women who are stuck in the middle, to tell them that you can manage it, that you will bloom again.”


The secret to her strength

“Boxing. Over the past two years, as I’ve become more adept at this sport, I have also become a stronger person. Sparring gives me the mental and physical release I need; I take all that is wrenched up inside . . . and let it go.”

Ari Michelson

On discovering her creative side

“To deal with my personal struggles, I’ve also begun to paint and write, both of which have proved to be therapeutic. I’ve even signed up for a writers’ workshop in Alaska this fall.”


On her go-to beauty brand

“Years ago an airline lost my luggage—and all my cosmetics—so I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to start fresh. The colors worked so well for my deeper skin that I eventually converted to using Bobbi Brown products exclusively. I never go anywhere without my Petal Lip Gloss.”

Making the most of her 30s

Shelley Nolden

Age 33


Why she feels beautiful in her 30s

“For me, beauty is a victory wreath. Two years ago, leukemia ravaged my body and stole my baby when I was five months pregnant. Today I’m back at my job in finance, and I look more like the precancer me—except I’m more beautiful thanks to a layer of grace I’ve earned as a survivor.”


What she’ll do with her $5,000 prize

“I am going to donate a portion of the money to three charities: First Descents, a nonprofit organization that takes young cancer survivors on an outdoor adventure trip to empower them; the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; and Stupid Cancer, a nonprofit group devoted to supporting young adults with cancer.”

Ari Michelson

How she feels about her short hair

“I had long hair all my life, but it began falling out because of chemotherapy as I watched the royal wedding on April 29, 2011. Seeing Kate Middleton with her long, healthy hair as mine was coming out in clumps is something I’ll never forget. But once my hair began to grow back, I learned to make the most of it—and I adopted [actress] Michelle Williams as my hair muse.”


The secret to her natural beauty

“I’ve used Olay’s SPF 15 moisturizer since I was a teenager. Now I put it on my four-year-old daughter, too, so she benefits from the sunscreen.”

More behind the scenes shots:

MORE's Beauty Director Genevieve Monsma and Vina during their interview behind the scenes.

Shelley checks out the wardrobe.

Phyllis and Vina bonding backstage.

Evelyn getting her hair done.

Hair stylist Mark gives Phyllis a final touch.

Shelley working the camera.

Some last minute touch ups.

Vina with her sister Virgie Shledon and photographer Ari Michelson.

Phyllis getting her close up shot.

Evelyn and her daughter Kiki.

Beauty Director Genevieve Monsma and Fashion Director Jonny Lichtenstein eyeing the clothes.

Vina's turn on set.

Shelley and her new look.

Phyllis checking out her sponsor prizes.

MORE's Beauty Director Genevieve Monsma at the photo shoot with our four beauty search winners.


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