10 MORE Questions for Emma Thompson

The Oscar-winning actress speaks out

by Leah Rozen
emma thompson image
Photograph: David Burton

My Number-One Rule When Striving To Achieve More Is. . .
To let myself drop the ball occasionally.

If You Could Start Over, What Would You Do More Of?
Deep breathing.

What Do You Appreciate More As You Age?
Still being alive.

I Wish I Had More Time For. . .
Staring into space in a vacant fashion.

More Women Should. . .
Ignore anyone saying they “should” do things.

What Do You Cherish More Than Anything Else?
My freedom.

The World Could Use A Little More. . .
Orchestrated silliness.

What Is More Important To You Today Than It Was 20 Years Ago?
The state of my underwear.

What’s More Terrifying Than Failure?
Success. But you all knew that.

More Women Seek To Age Gracefully. What’s Your Advice?
Stop thinking about it. Get a life. Good grief.

First Published Tue, 2014-01-14 12:55

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