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Why I'm Doing It

About a year ago when I had a milestone birthday, I decided I really need to start treating my body better if I was going to continue building my social life with friends around going out to dinner and getting drinks. I switched gyms, started replacing my elliptical sessions with group classes, and bought a CitiBike membership, making biking and walking a priority over public transportation (which is admittedly easier in the summer and not during Polar Vortexes). I made changes to my diet as well. When we were presented with the opportunity to participate in this cleanse, I jumped at the chance to learn more about juices and a raw food diet, and test myself to see if I could have the discipline to abstain from coffee and my typical diet for a few days.


Day 1

I was noticeably hungrier going to bed the night before the cleanse, probably in anticipation of not eating "real foods" for the next three days. On the morning we started, I thought I would suffer from withdrawal from lack of coffee, but I dove right into the alternative cleanse (with two substitutions since I don't like apples or bananas), and started with the Simple Green Juice. It was a bit too salty for the morning, but I finished it (along with half a matcha bowl), and didn't reach for my next juice until 1:00pm, about 30 minutes later than I usually get lunch.

During the rest of the day, I had the Glo, which was way too acidic and fruity for my liking (and took me two hours to get down), and the Lucky Seven, which reminds me of the ginger salad dressing at a Japanese restaurant.I drank 24 oz. of water per each 17 oz. juice, so I went to the bathroom more often than usual. When I got home, I needed a break from juices, so I cheated and had a handful of chickpeas and about 1/4 of the Good Weed juice. I was a bit tired and sluggish by the end of the day but ended with a deep 8-hour sleep, which is better than I usually do since I typically toss and turn throughout the night.

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Day 2

Today I started off with an OMG My Favorite Juice. Unfortunately, it definitely wasn't, and was a bit too 'green' for my liking. I also had half a matcha bowl. I'm feeling surprisingly fine without my coffee, but do miss the taste. For lunch I had a Strawberry Shake, and for a late afternoon snack I had the Lucky Seven again. For dinner, I had about a 1/2 cup of chickpeas followed by the Black Label, which is a delicious mix of almond milk and coconut water. Earlier in the day, I put a teaspoon of chia seas in the bottle to let them soak, which gave it a nice texture. I was surprisingly full after that.

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Day 3

This morning I started off with the Strawberry Milk Smoothie, which is really good, and very filling. I didn't have anthing else until the For the Love of Kale salad for a late lunch (with about half of the dressing). This afternoon was the first time I was really feeling the effects from three days of no coffee, and had a Black Label drink mixed with Juice Press coffee to get me through the rest of the work week. Wow—I forgot how good the coffee smell is! I honestly think up until this point I was missing the smell and taste more than the energizing effects. Maybe I should try getting a coffee candle or diffuser for my desk in lieu of my large daily cup?

Juice Press

Final Thoughts

I was rather intimated to start my first cleanse, but didn’t find myself struggling nearly as much as I anticipated. More than anything, I missed chewing and the spontaneity of eating what I wanted instead of meals and juices that were planned in advance. Throughout the three days, I felt more energetic and leaner, and noticed improved posture and a flatter torso. I’ve tried to cut down on my serving sizes and eat smaller meals throughout the day, rather than three larger meals. I’m probably not going to do another cleanse, but I am grateful I had the opportunity to try it and learn more about a raw food diet. 

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