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Why I'm Doing It

After a month of substituting my daily gym routine with holiday parties, I thought a cleanse would do a body good. I mean, a diet filled with champagne, cheese and chocolate cannot sustain itself. Even though I'm normally very conscious about exercise and what I eat, I have never done a cleanse or juiced so I'm excited to see how (and IF) I'll feel and think differently about my diet and health.


Day 1

I had the alternate cleanse: six juices plus one matcha bowl. The night before I started the cleanse I ate a light dinner and tried to drink a lot of water in preparation for the cleanse. It was a good idea and set the tone for the following day. I tried to have a juice on my desk at all times and consistently drink water. I felt good throughout the day, only a slight headache. Whenever I felt a little light headed or had a craving to eat, I took a few bites from the matcha bowl, which was delicious!

It was a hectic day so, by 4:00 p.m. I realized I still had three more juices to get through. I was in the office late and by 9:00 p.m. in the cab ride home I was sipping on my last juice but feeling exhausted and a little nauseous. I drank water when I got home and went to bed feeling fine but mostly tired. The idea of food didn't interest me at all, I couldn't think of a meal that I would want except for maybe a raw kale salad. I changed some of the juices for Day 2 to have more green juices than sweeter ones, which I am excited to try. Even after only one day of juicing, my body feels less inflamed and my stomach feels more settled than ever before.

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Day 2

I woke up feeling a bit hungry so I drank a lot of water and had a few sips of my leftover Good Weed Juice from the night before. My juices today were more vegetable-oriented since I found the juices from the first day a bit too sweet. I felt really great all day, had a lot of energy. It definitely helped to constantly drink the juice even though I didn't finish the last juice. I really didn't feel hungry until 10:00 p.m. when I was leaving a concert.

At the end of the day, I felt as though I could do this for a week or two if I wanted to! But I do miss the act and social aspect of eating (and wine!) and my routine of going to the gym and doing yoga.

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Day 3

I woke up Friday, the last day of the cleanse, feeling great. It felt as if my body had grown accustomed to the cleanse. I drank my juices and waters same as the day before. I didn't have any feelings of lethargy but actually extreme levels of energy. I had plans for a friend's birthday drinks that night so I was nervous about having alcohol. After work I came home and tried to eat some raw vegetables but my body wasn't ready for food. I opted for water at the bar that night and probably a wise choice!

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Final Thoughts

I felt great on the cleanse. I had energy, was constantly satisfied and felt healthy. Coming off the cleanse is what I had a hard time with. I wasn't hungry but I needed to eat. I tried to slowly introduce food to my system but it rejected everything I ate – raw carrots, celery, steel cut oatmeal to cooked vegetables. Saturday night I had two glasses of wine and my head was spinning. I was hoping to get back to the gym over the weekend, but my body was too weak and I felt lethargic. Eventually by Monday I felt better and got back into my routine of eating normally and going to the gym and yoga. 


I realized that I must have been eating foods that didn't sit well with me before the cleanse so I did some research and have been following a low-FODMAP and have been feeling great since. I also incorporated some of the things the Juice Press taught us like how to make the Chia Pudding - so easy and delicious and makes a great dessert!  I don't know if I would necessarily do a juice cleanse again, but it absolutely made me think of how I eat and be more conscious of what I put in my body. As they say, "You are what you eat"!

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