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Why I'm Doing It

I’ve done two cleanses in the past. With the first, I lost an amazing eight pounds in five days, but it involved a strict regiment of icky liquid shots, home-brewed shakes and tasteless greens. Needless to say, I gained all of it back that weekend and I swore never to do another.

Reluctantly, I was talked into my second cleanse. This one seemed more appealing since it blended fresh juices with actual tasty meals. I didn’t lose any weight nor did I feel any better but it did give me a greater appreciation for chewing.

So when this cleanse approached, I thought it looked manageable and would be a great way to shed the extra three pounds I wanted to lose after recently losing 10. I was weary to do an all juice cleanse but since I no longer drank caffeine and my carbohydrate intake is very low, this one would be easy.


Day 1

I started my day with the matcha bowl. It was tasty and sort of dry, but satisfying. I don’t like to blend food with the juices, so I waited an hour to have my first green juice. I nursed it for the next hour. It was packed with flavor and easily went down. But I wished I had started with the Glo juice since it was a blend of grapefruit and orange juice. My favorite of the day was the Fountain of Youth smoothie and I savored every drop.

I soon realized I didn’t think I could stomach three days of juicing, so I made arrangements to include raw, organic meals slotted into my next 2 days. That night I picked up an organic Greek salad to finish my day and opted out of the Gravity Green juice and the Good Weed, as I was all juiced out for the day. All in all I was amazing that I felt normal with no side effects like the previous two cleanses. I was not shaky, woozy or dizzy. I fell asleep quickly with no hunger pangs. Although I did wake up twice to use the bathroom (the one unavoidable side effect).

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Day 2

I stepped on the scale first thing in the morning, MIRACLE! I was already at my goal weight! That was easy!!! My motivation was strong and I couldn’t wait to try the organic meals. The chia seed pudding was delicious and a great way to start the day. Then following with the Glo juice really woke up my senses. I have to say; I was pretty full but thought I should be eating the quinoa salad since it was late afternoon. Glad I did, because it didn’t disappoint.  And for desert, I had my favorite Fountain of Youth smoothie.

I think I could of gone the rest of the day with out anything more, but wanted to get the full benefits of the cleanse so I drank my Doctor Green juice. Very delicious and fresh-tasting. My taste buds were officially shocked out of hunger. I wasn’t sure if they could handle much more stimulation. I had a gallery opening and dinner that evening so I forced myself to have the ravioli before I left the office for the night. At first, I thought one bite would do me in, then I started dipping the ravioli in the tangy scallion sauce and my stomach sang! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided, I was officially done for the day. It was 6:30 pm. I had drank every juice and eaten every morsel. I actually sat through a dinner sipping sparkling water and trying not to smell the fresh bread and butter.  

Juice Press

Day 3

My goal weight has maintained through to this morning. With this good news, I couldn’t wait to get to the office and have my chia pudding.  Some co-workers commented on the look of the dish, but sad for them, they weren’t able to taste its deliciousness. Quickly after, I sipped on the Glo juice. Best to have it ice cold. It’s a bit bitter so it’s hard getting through the entire bottle. I was full. Like the day before, I reluctantly started my quinoa salad early, even though my stomach was telling me I didn’t feel hungry. But it was so delicious that my body happily accepted the nourishment. I knew I had a movie and dinner that evening so I timed my smoothie and green juice every two hours.

By the time I left the office I felt satiated enough to make it through the three-hour movie then dinner. I made it through the movie but barely through dinner. I found everything to be too heavy and unappealing. The small bits I ate did not agree with my stomach. Not a great way to end a great, easy three-day cleanse.

Juice Press

Final Thoughts

All in all, I found the Juice Press cleanse to be a convenient, delicious way to reset my body. I do wish I had extended the cleanse to at least five days to reap the full benefits. I enjoyed almost all the of juices and loved the food. I think it’s important to have the food element. I wish I had started with food on the first day of the cleanse. It’s good for people to know that you don’t have to rely on liquids to purge your system of toxins. Raw, organic, chewable food is just as effective and more manageable. But you need to stick the allotted food. Trying to pick the most “organic” things off of a restaurant menu, when you are cleansing, is not a good idea. Skip activities that involve food and try doing it with a friend. The camaraderie from my fellow office mates was a great support system. I would recommend this program for first time cleansers as well as seasoned veterans. 

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