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Why I'm Doing It

I decided to participate because I love doing cleanses. My energy sky rockets, my skin clears up, and it boosts my immune system (which is really needed this month). I've done a Juice Press cleanse before and combined my juices with raw salads. This time, my goal is to only consume the juices for three days. 

Juice Press

Day 1

My first day of the cleanse went wonderfully. My appetite remained low and my never ending to-do list kept my mind off of food. Originally, I planned to do the entire cleanse without any solid foods. However, I forgot that I signed up for a press event that included a dance class. For that reason, I ate half a matcha bowl in the morning and the rest before the class. Not only was the bowl really satisfying, I made it through the class feeling super energized. For the next two days, I'm committed to only drinking juices. I've also swapped two of the fruitier juices for more veggy-heavy options. 

Juice Press

Day 2

This day was a rollercoaster ride for me, starting with a rough morning. I began my day with several press appointments which required a lot of attention and running around. I felt really fatigued, dehydrated, and dazed. I had a dull headache by the time I got back the office around noon. After sitting for a few hours and having the hearty fruit smoothie, I felt SO much better and the headache subsided. In the evening, I felt a surge of energy and mental clarity. I managed to clean and organize my apartment while doing laundry and packing for a weekend trip. I also slept really well. 

Juice Press

Day 3

Today was similar to Day 1. My appetite was minimal and I was very busy at work which helped keep my mind off of food. My energy was sky-high and I walked two miles after work fairly quickly. In the evening, my friend ate a greasy piece of pizza while I was finishing my last drink and I felt perfectly content with my juice. It was really empowering. Also, my skin was completely smooth/acne free and I tend break out fairly often. I'm already planning to do another cleanse next month! 

Final Thoughts

Post-cleanse, I've seen a huge decrease in my appetite and the amount of food I can eat at one time. In fact, I've been splitting my normal lunch serving in half and have stomach aches if I eat a full serving at once. My energy has surged and I'm less dependent on coffee and can wake up earlier. My skin cleared up tremendously during the cleanse then broke out dramatically after (as I began to reintroduce processed foods) which is very telling (and frustrating). My weight has stayed the same post-cleanse but my stomach is tighter.

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