This Is What 42 Looks Like

Jewelry designer Liseanne Frankfurt shares her healthy SoCal regimen

As told to Alana Peden
Photograph: Ari Michelson

On turning a pastime into a career
“Making jewelry was just a hobby for me as a kid, but when I was a student at UCLA, I started selling pieces because it felt selfish to keep them all. Today I have my own line, LFrank, and I’ve opened a boutique on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, California.”

On her wash-and-go hair
“I spend very little time on my hair. I cut it twice a year and wash it twice a week. I buy most of my hair products at Whole Foods; EO is one of my favorite brands.”

On her secret to doing it all
“I take good care of myself to ensure I don’t get run-down. I make time for Pilates, facials and Hellerwork, which is an intense massage that can kind of hurt but is really powerful. I also meditate and get acupuncture.”

On feeling 32—forever
“I may be 42, but I still feel 32. Perhaps everyone reaches their authentic self at a different point, but I reached mine in my early thirties.” 

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First Published Tue, 2014-02-04 12:17

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