A Powerful New Film Tells of Rape—and Recovery

Cecilia Peck opens up about carrying on her father's legacy

by Leah Rozen
Cecilia Peck
Photograph: Matt Holyoak/Camera Press/Redux

Cecilia Peck inherited more than a famous last name from her movie-star father, Gregory Peck. “I hope I’ve also inherited his social conscience,” she says. “He made films about racism [To Kill a Mockingbird] and anti-Semitism [Gentleman’s Agreement] with stories that were entertaining. I aspire to do the same kind of work.”

Her latest effort would make Pop proud. An actress turned documentarian, Peck spent the past five years working on Brave Miss World, a film promoting rape awareness that airs on TV this spring. It’s the story of Linor Abargil, an Israeli who, as an 18-year-old model, was raped and stabbed by a travel agent in 1998—but just six weeks later competed in the Miss World contest and won. Abar­gil reported the crime, and her testimony helped put the man behind bars.

In 2008 she met Peck while launching a rape-awareness website. Peck was there filming as Abargil had emotional meetings with rape survivors, campaigned to keep her attacker in jail, attended and graduated from law school, and married and started a family. “The film is about how to pick up the pieces and move forward,” says Peck. “I want people to know it’s a journey of hope and healing.” 

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First Published Thu, 2014-02-06 16:36

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