Molly Sims: Hair, Change and Turning 40

Wearing various shades of black, brunette and blonde throughout her life, the model and Nexxus spokeswoman has taken the leap—to red. Here, she tells us all about the drastic transformation

by Deanna Pai • Associate Beauty Editor
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Photograph: Courtesy of Nexxus

Why did you decide now is the best time for a dramatic change?

“Why not now? In my late twenties, [my hair] was black, brown and blonde, and in my thirties, I was blonde because of work. I felt like I needed a change. But I was nervous—could I pull off red? Would I feel good in red?”

Do you feel any differently about yourself?

“I do! People do a double take. I saw a picture of myself and I thought, ‘Who is that?’”

How has the change affected your beauty and fashion choices?

“It’s different when you’re wearing clothes: Beiges and browns—bronze-y, taupe-y, nude-y—look really good with red hair. Yesterday, I didn’t even think about wearing a hot pink top, and then I looked at it on and thought, ‘Maybe not.’ I’m wearing more bronze on my cheeks and on my lips. [It’s] better than a pink-nude.”

Does preserving the color take any extra steps?

“I’m more careful. I think redheads have the most difficulty coloring their hair because we want to prevent it from fading. Nexxus makes a great primer, Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer ($18;; you can put it on dry hair. It prevents water from entering the hair shaft [and fading your color].”

Has your new hair color changed your life in any way?

“It made me feel invigorated. Turning 40, having a baby, getting married—it’s never too late for a change. You look good, you feel good. And I felt I like I was in a rut. The color makes it seem thicker, and it’s less processing than being blonde. It’s made me feel younger, in a weird way.”

What is your favorite thing about being 40?

“I’m confident in my decisions. Before I turned 40, I was asking people, ‘Should I do this, should I do that?’ Now I trust myself to make those decisions.”

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First Published Mon, 2014-03-17 15:15

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