5 Products for Stellar Strands

Pros point to these five style stars for gorgeous hair

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Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

This handmade blow-dryer, designed by Gisele’s mane man, Harry Josh, promises to dry your hair 60 percent faster than the average dryer, boasts ion technology for smoother, shinier hair—and is guaranteed to last for 15 years ($300; hairenvy.com).

Avery Powell

Diane Self-Grip Rollers

To boost body with no heat damage, nothing beats Velcro rollers. Select the barrel size (ranging from one to two inches) based on the length of your hair: Long hair needs a bigger curler; short strands, a smaller one ($3 for four; rickysnyc.com).

Avery Powell

Beth Minardi After Wash In Weightless, Balancing Or Nourishing

Most pros advocate using conditioner every time you wash, especially after 50, when everything starts to become v-e-r-y dry. These three formulas provide options for all hair types ($25; minardicolor.com).

Avery Powell

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Like an extra-strength dry shampoo, this spray-in product provides impressive, long-lasting lift at the root—and gives the hair texture and grip, making it a helpful pre-updo tool. Tip: Spritz with care; a little goes a long way ($39; oribe.com). 

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L’oréal Professionnel Intense Repair Shampoo

For hair that is damaged, very dry or colored(and whose hair isn’t at least one of those things?), this sudser may be your savior. It hydrates, strengthens and improves the way your hair looks (and feels) after just one wash ($24; LPsalons.com).
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Avery Powell

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