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Professional Development Training and Your Bottom Line

Learn why Professional Development Training is vital to the continued success of your business

In today’s turbulent economy businesses are typically looking for ways to cut expenses; aside from reducing staff, employee training and development is usually the first thing to go. However, this can have a negative effect on a company’s short-term profits and sustainable progress forward. No matter the economic environment, results should drive what a business spends on training, not budget constraints.

Think of it like caring for a plant. When we provide a plant with water, sunlight and care – it thrives and grows. If we neglect it…well you know what happens. The same is true for people. When we seek out and help them to build upon their strengths, they become more focused and thrive. If neglected, their drive and motivation can suffer, productivity slows, and they become bored. So ask yourself, “What results do I want for my business?”

Professional development training is more than merely building the skills and knowledge of each individual employee for their own benefit. It is an investment in the business as a whole and leads to improved recruiting, greater employee retention, enhanced individual and team performance, and overall organizational growth.

Career seekers of today are looking for more than a good compensation package from their future employers. They are seeking an atmosphere that fosters growth and allows them to develop their skills and career. Establishing a professional development training program shows prospective recruits that their personal development is a priority. The result is a pool of candidates with the right mind-set to support continued progress of the organization toward its goals.

In the ever advancing world of business, companies need to continually adapt and learn to stay ahead of the curve. The best way to achieve this is directly through your front line. Professional development training helps individual team members discover and connect with their personal strengths and gain confidence. This confidence provides them with the ability to communicate more effectively and perform their jobs more efficiently, which leads to increased job satisfaction and employee retention. An organization directly benefits from this by way of increased morale and productivity. In addition, less employee turnover means less profits being spent on recruiting, hiring and training a replacement workforce.

One of the greatest connections that professional development training can offer is that between the quality of a company and the individuals it employs. The confidence that individual team member’s gain through this training is not only in themselves, but in the company and its sustainability. It helps provide a clear understanding of the direction that a company is headed and how and where individual team members fit in. They gain a broader understanding of how their job impacts the company and become more involved and invested in its success.

A workforce with a positive attitude leads to reduced conflict, better communication, successful teamwork, increased productivity and in general increased profits. HR Magazine reported that, “Companies in the top quarter in training expenditure per employee per year ($1500 or above), average 24% higher profit margins than companies that spend less per year.” A businesses greatest resource is the individuals that it employs. Invest in their professional development wisely and the rewards will far outweigh the cost to do so.

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