Millions Cheer Queen at Jubilee

Some 1,000 boats take to the Thames in celebration of Elizabeth II

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

If you thought London was busy gearing up for the Summer Olympic Games, you clearly are not a royal watcher.

Because if you were, you’d know that the Brits are busy celebrating the queen’s Diamond Jubilee, recognizing Elizabeth II’s 60 years as monarch. On Sunday, about 1,000 boats took to the Thames in what may be the biggest public event ever to take place in London, USA Today reports.

Thousands of boaters hit the river along with royals including the queen, 86; Prince Philip; Prince Charles; Prince William and Catherine (aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge); and Prince Harry. A million people cheered and waved from the banks, and millions more watched on TV at parties nationwide, according to the newspaper.

The last time a floating tribute took place in Britain was 1662, USA Today notes, “when Charles II welcomed his new queen, the Portuguese Catherine of Braganza, to England with an armada of similar proportions.”

Sounds like a party fit for, well, a queen.

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