Study: Why Red Wine Has Anti-Aging Properties

Scientists studied how resveratrol affects the longevity gene in mice

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Live longer and get a nice little buzz? Yes, please pour us another glass of red wine.

CBS News reports that while we’ve known about the drink’s pluses in heart health, memory and anti-aging, new research is pointing to just why resveratrol, the stuff in red wine that helps with longevity, works.

Testing on mice, the Harvard study shows resveratrol affects the SIRT1 gene, which is believed to control the function and longevity of cells. Mice that had the gene removed didn’t get the benefits from the resveratrol, according to the network.

“Resveratrol improves the health of mice on a high-fat diet and increases life span,” Harvard’s Dr. David Sinclair says in a statement reported by CBS News.

But, alas, before you start trading water for wine, Sinclair adds that you’d have to drink 100 glasses of the red stuff to mimic the amount given to the mice, the network notes.

Tempting, though, isn’t it?

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