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Reflections of 2007

Reflections of 2007

2007 has been a stretch year of growth in my personal and business life, which seems more intertwined than ever imagined.

Meg Connell, my wife, and I are coming upon our 2nd Anniversary and for awhile it did not seem we would make it past year one. How come nobody warned either of us that marrying at the respective ages of forty-two and forty-nine is tantamount to a corporate merger! Being the CEO, CFO, CMO and COO of one’s life and then being challenged to share it with another ... holy smokes! It was especially an uphill climb for me due to the attachment of living in the world’s most beautiful city and coolest neighborhood … San Francisco’s Mission District (notice my hubris?). Boy, did I resist moving to Oakland and have learned it too has its jeweled facets.

Professionally, my services to the sole employer of twenty-eight years were no longer valued and nor did I continue to see my future growth with them. We mutually parted ways and then things really got interesting. Am I my job? Or is my work simply an expression of how I wish to live my life?

Soon entrepreneurship’s appealing scent penetrated my need for emotional and financial security. Why can’t I finally integrate my skills, talents, and gifts and do something that is meaningful to me and of help to others? More importantly I was challenged to really place my trust in a Power greater than myself.

Today, I am grateful that my life is more integrated. Being seen and valued by Starla Sireno, Executive Business Coach and Founder of “The Fearless Entrepreneur” to help propel the company’s growth is a pure gift. Celebrating the New Year and 2nd Anniversary with Meg who has stretched her comfort zone to help me grow is pretty damn special too.

Thank you so much Starla!

Happy Anniversary Meg!