Reinventing myself – 3rd time’s a charm

Doing something I love...

by Jennifer • Member { View Profile }

Fabric and sewing has been a part of my life since junior high.  This creative side of me was always a hobby, not something I focused on for a career.   The first phase of my working life was 20 years in the corporate world as an engineer for fortune 500 companies.    Next came my phase as a “corporate refugee” doing freelance web design and computer consulting for small local businesses as   But when I would ask myself the question of what I would do with my time if I won the lottery, neither of these career paths was it—I always came back to working with fabric.   So I am re-inventing myself a 3rd time as a quilter, lecturer and teacher.  Because of my computer background I am specializing in computer tools for quilters, an area that is blossoming along with the improvements in computer technology.  I feel like I’m finding myself in the right place at the right time.  Through my lectures to quilt guilds I share my quilts and the possibilities of including a computer in the quilt design process.  And with my workshops I teach two software tools: Photoshop Elements for quilters and the Electric Quilt Design software.   This is retirement to me, doing something I love, that can supplement my retirement funds and that I will enjoy until the day I die.    

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