Reinvention: Caring for Loved Ones with Alzheimer's

Onto each of our parades some rain will fall . . . a deluge or even a hurricane. This series spotlights four women who rode out the storm and seized the chance to start something positive and meaningful 

by Amanda Robb
Meryl Comer Geoffrey Beene Alzheimer's
“I want our generation to act up and say this is unac-ceptable,” says Alzheimer’s activist Meryl Comer, shown here at Geoffrey Beene headquarters in New York City.
Photograph: Catherine Ledner

Five years ago, Comer’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Now she lives in her daughter’s dining room turned bedroom, cared for by Comer and the three rotating aides who also look after Gralnick. Struggling with this double difficulty, Comer finds support in a network of good friends. “ ‘Let’s go out and breathe,’ they tell me, so we go hiking,” she says. “But really, Geoffrey Beene saved my life. The foundation gave me a way to flip the heartache and make something positive.”


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First Published February 29, 2012

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