Reinvention: Healing from Abuse and Heading to Congress

Onto each of our parades some rain will fall . . . a deluge or even a hurricane. This series spotlights four women who rode out the storm and seized the chance to start something positive and meaningful

by Amanda Robb
Sandy Adams Congress
"Plain and simple, I needed a job that would allow me to take care of my daughter," says Sandy Adams (here in her DC office) of the decision that started her on a path to Congress.
Photograph: Catherine Ledner

Today, Adams is one of 15 House members who have not missed a single vote—and she is determined to keep her perfect record even when her daughter, now a 36-year-old insurance agent, gets married this March. When asked how she made it from kennel cleaner to Congress, Adams breaks into a huge maternal grin. “You just look into your daughter’s eyes,” she says. “You just have to put forth the effort.”


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First Published February 28, 2012

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