12 Ways to Reduce Job Stress

These tips will help you stay on top of your work without feeling overwhelmed. 

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Schedule Time to Check Your Inbox

Only check your e-mail during certain times of the day, says organizing expert Diane Albright. Doing so will cut down on multitasking and keep you from losing time refocusing.



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Customize Your E-Mail Account

Take advantage of  your e-mail account's features by setting up folders, flagging important items, setting due dates and scheduling appointments in your calendar. Platforms like Gmail allow you to sync your calendar to your phone to remind you of important tasks, and can even send you a run down of your daily events. 


Sneaky Time-Sucker

Set your browser’s landing page to a Web site that won’t entice you to surf the net, suggests Albright. Your goal is to reduce distractions.


Always be prepared to run out for a meeting or event by investing in a Powermat to charge your electronics. It is effortless, and ensures your smart phone won’t run out of battery in the cab. It also keeps all of your devices in one handy spot so you remember to bring your camera or recorder along.


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Oldie, but Goodie

Keep your documents neat and organized in desk sorters with extra dividers. Using labels will prevent you from misplacing important files.


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by Marty Baldwin


Counting down the seconds until you get to go home and rest? Rub a small amount of an energizing balm on your pulse points--temples and wrists-- for a quick pick-me-up.


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Refocus your thoughts by using your abdomen while you breathe. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you feel your abdomen rise as you inhale through your nose. Hold each breath for seven seconds and exhale through your mouth. LiveStrong.com recommends repeating this cycle at least five times.


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Massage the Pain Away

Head throbbing? Shoulders tense? WebMD.com offers detailed massage tips you can easily do at your desk. To relieve tired eyes, close your eyes and place your thumbs under your eyebrows, closest to the bridge of your nose. Gently apply pressure and move your thumbs in small circles around the outside of your eyes. End at your starting point. Repeat several times.


Click here to visit WebMD for more massage tips


Collect Your Thoughts in Peace

Arrive at work 10 minutes before anyone else does. Use the extra time to prepare yourself for the day without being interrupted. Catch up on yesterday’s emails or write a to-do list—before anyone gets a chance to write it for you.


Take a Lunch Break

Only half of employees leave their desk to take lunch, according to a new online poll conducted by Right Management. Most people eat at their desk, which increases stress levels. Take a break and head outside for a walk with a friend; an increase in physical activity along with the associated social interactions increases your sense of well-being, according to a study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.



Incorporate cool colors, like blue, green, or violet in your office to help keep you calm throughout the day. Indoor plants have also been shown to increase productivity in the workplace and help with concentration.

by John Gruen

Manage Your Boss

Does your boss stress you out? The next time you feel like you are being yelled at for no reason, trust your gut and depersonalize from the situation, say Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster in their book Working for You Isn’t Working for Me. Chances are your boss’ consistent negative behavior is a stubborn personality trait. Once you realize this, Crowley and Elster believe you’ll be in the right mindset to clearly construct a strategy to deal with your boss.


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First Published February 8, 2011

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