The 6 Deadly Excuses of Job Hunters

If these reasons for not finding work sound familiar, snap out of it by following this career coach's advice

by Carol Ross • Next Avenue
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Excuse No. 3: "I’m too old."
This is a favorite excuse for people who've given up on themselves and their ability to adapt to the work world of 2012.
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The truth is, if you're able-bodied and mentally competent, you're not too old to get hired. But you may need to get up to speed on the best ways to look for work today, improve your social media skills to cast a wider net for your job search or even consider reinventing yourself in a new career. So take the time to invest in yourself.
My "no excuses" advice: A great place to start adapting to today's job market is your alma mater's career services department. As Next Avenue has noted, many colleges now offer alumni free or low-cost career counseling, job-search webinars and in-person workshops on such topics as personal branding to make yourself a stronger candidate. 
For those who claim that some hiring managers are guilty of age discrimination when selecting candidates, well, you’re right.
There are cases where the interviewer will think you're too old. Prove them wrong! Make your pitch for the open position so compelling that age won't enter the picture.
Or boost your expertise to become a consultant, so you can avoid hiring managers altogether. My 60-something colleague, Walter Akana, started sharpening his social media skills a few years ago and now teaches social media to M.B.A. students and midcareer professionals. No one questions his age because his knowledge and expertise are all that matter. 
It's also not too late to launch an encore career. Start by volunteering at a nonprofit to get a lay of the land and make valuable connections. When an appropriate salaried position opens up, you'll be a known quantity. Check out and the articles on Next Avenue to learn more about creating an encore career.

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