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Mean Green Fighting Machines

The pita cart has traveled with me to several jobs. I keep it around because it makes me laugh. The army men were given to me by a co-worker to "protect my cubicle." My four-year-old son always plays with them when he comes to visit me at work. -Jennifer
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

The Spice of Office Life

The hot pepper jewelry is a party favor from a celebration we had when MORE was named to the "hot lists" for both Adweek and Advertising Age magazines.
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank


I’ve had Woodstock since I was little. I keep him at my desk because he makes me happy. He has been with me at every job! -Susanne
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

Tropical Daydream

I got this doll when I was on vacation in Jamaica last October. She is the only toy at my desk that I have actually purchased. I thought she was so cute, and I love how colorful her outfit is. When things get stressful around here she serves as a visual distraction to cheer me up! -Alesha
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

Word Games

This book has over 125 Mad Libs. I use it to stimulate my creative juices when I’m having writer’s block. It makes me think about adjectives, nouns and verbs. -Daniela
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

Fortune Teller

Someone sent me this Love Guru Magic 8 Ball. I use it sometimes, but it has weird messages like "run away now" or "follow my method." -Kathy
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

Sneak Peep

My mom gave me this peep because I used to like them when I was a kid. Now they kind of gross me out, so keeping it here at work is better than keeping it at my apartment! -Wendy
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

Musical Interlude

A co-worker gave me the singing flower when I moved out of the fashion closet and into my cube. The song is really loud and annoying, so I never play it. But it did entertain one of our editors’ daughters last week! -Rachel
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

Comfort Food

My boyfriend sent me the cow because I love Chick-Fil-A! I’m from Virginia where they’re more common. They don’t have any here in NYC, except for the one on NYU’s campus and you have to be a student to use it. Of course, they got it AFTER I graduated from NYU. -Vivian
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

Queen For A Day

I got this queen duck when I was in Boston with friends. The store had a bunch of them, all with different attributes. We each bought one that went with our personalities. I liked that she was regal. -Leah
Photo By: Gabrielle Frank

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