8 Fearless Traits of Every Successful Job Hunter

Key traits that make job seekers resilient—and a hiring manager’s dream

by Jessica Henderson • LearnVest.com

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Fearless Trait #8: They Learn From Each Letdown
In the job hunt, no one is ever going to bat a thousand. If you didn’t get the position that you were positive you were a frontrunner for, assess what might have gone wrong—and see what you can change for the future.

“After you leave an interview, you often have ‘woulda, coulda, shouldas’—things you know you could have done better,” Knaus says. “Look back and recalculate, based on what you learned. See if there are patterns and trends.”

Maybe you forgot to prepare questions, or you were under- or overqualified for the gig. Perhaps you got nervous and didn’t sell yourself as well as you could have, or didn’t know how to properly explain a career gap on your résumé. If you can identify your weaknesses, you can improve on them—and turn them into strengths for the next round.

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