Five Steps to Overcome Your Financial Insecurities

A new nationwide survey from MORE and Citi makes it clear that financial insecurity is contributing to the Mommy Wars. Linda Descano, President and CEO of Citi’s Women & Co., offers five tips for increasing financial confidence

by Linda Descano • President and CEO, Women & Co.
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Photograph: Linda Descano

4. Make money part and parcel of the family dynamic and conversation.  Set clear roles and responsibilities for day-to-day financial tasks, and then create an open forum for reviewing your finances with your partner, like a monthly or quarterly financial date night where you can communicate openly about the money issues that are on your mind.  And help kids understand the role that they play, too.  Use everyday activities like grocery shopping to a trip to the library as teachable money moments to help them understand the value of saving and spending wisely.

5. Don’t wait for a financial or family crisis to consider a change in your gameplan. Review and rebalance your spending, your savings and your investments on a regular basis to help make sure they are in line with your goals, your appetite for risk and your time horizon – so that you’ll be better prepared for any curveballs that life, love or the market throws your way. 

“No problem goes away unless you talk about it, and unless you dig in and find the reasons for its existence,” More editor-in-chief Lesley Jane Seymour said in a recent interview about the survey results.  So join us in conversation – what steps have you taken to build confidence and overcome your financial fears?

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