Get the Party Started at Your Office

Jennifer Braunschweiger
Photograph: Photo: Phil Toledano

• If you’re an individual employee pitching a manager Your boss is probably worried that you’ll be unavailable when she needs you. Allay her fears by emphasizing that: existing office technology will keep you in close touch; you’ll be more efficient when not distracted by office busywork; some high-performing employees are also on a flexible schedule. And offer a three-month tryout.

• If you’re a manager pitching a corporation Draw up a business plan with hard numbers showing how much your department’s productivity will rise. Give examples of similar companies where this is working, and explain that consultants like CultureRx can customize your company’s transition.

• If you’re a small-business owner convincing your employees They’ll worry about being vulnerable to layoffs if they’re off-site. Never penalize an employee for being out of the office if she sets high goals and meets them.

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