How Insomnia Led to a Thriving Small Business

Sarah Baldwin's wakeful nights helped her and her husband launch a successful company marketing pajamas for the sleep-deprived

by Gwen Moran • Next Avenue
Sarah Baldwin and Jack Weissman, co-founders of Bodacious Enterprises
Photograph: Sarah Baldwin and Jack Weissman

Sometimes, when life hands you lemons, it’s smart to launch a lemonade business. Just ask Sarah Baldwin, of Highland Park, Ill.
In November 2009 her husband, Jack Weissman, then 61, was told his position as a vice president and corporate officer at a medical devices and services firm was being eliminated. Baldwin, then 52, started racking up sleepless nights, stressed by her husband's job loss as well as her menopause night sweats. Wide awake way too often, Baldwin started searching online for solutions.
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That’s how she came across Goodnighties, a pajama company that claims its ionized fabric helps you sleep better by wicking away moisture. She ordered a pair online — and had her first good night’s sleep in two months.

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