I Have a New Job at 62

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Here we are in 2010 and tax day is already come and gone. Wow! I hope all of you are having a good year. Well, I have something to report. I have been employed now for over two months. I looked for employment for an entire year. I thought I was retired, but after helping my mother for over two years and not getting enough financial support, I needed a job and medical insurance. I am working part-time for a small semi-conductor company in Santa Clara, CA. I commute 2-1/2 hours every day, but really enjoy the people I work with. I wasn’t sure I could still learn more clerical work after 40+ years, but it’s true, the mind continues to function.

I am very grateful to be working. It’s been difficult, but at age 62 I feel re-energized. I am renting a small but new cottage in the country. It’s wonderful and quiet, with a nice view of the hills. I am in close vicinity to my two daughters and two of my grandchildren. This is the best part. This is the first time I haven’t lived independently in over three years. I receive Social Security as well. I just make ends meet and you know what, that’s just fine. I’ve lived the life with a large beautiful home and furnishings, nice cars, some nice trips, and four wonderful children. I basically raised my children in a small family community. My generation is the first of what they refer to as "soccer moms". Spending many hours a week in a car transporting children to activities, sports, school and friend’s homes. Plenty of opportunity to volunteer in the community, especially at school.

I volunteered 25 years in the public school system of California. You name it, coordinating book faires, donut sales, car washes, graduations, dances, food for the less fortunate, all are good causes. Spending time in the classroom is very gratifying. I particularly enjoyed teaching classes in church. A mother wears many hats and many of us work as well. I worked as a classified substitute at our local High School for 11 years and had a small decorative business in our downtown area. I should say it had me. Every life experience makes us who we are. I just read one of our stories from MORE about a lady who is older and loved who she was and recognized how comfortable she is with herself. What a joy this is to feel. As woman, we have such a capacity to love and give of ourselves. Our sensitivity to others cannot be compared. We are truly blessed as women. You hear about the "refiner’s fire". Now just what is that exactly. I think it comes with every experience of joy and sorrow we have felt in our lifetime. How many of us know the best is yet to come. The "best" is what we make it. Do the most we can with everyday, if today wasn’t so great, make it better tomorrow.

Gardening and lawn work was a favorite thing for me, I’d rather be outside working then inside doing housework. Smelling the earth when it was freshly turned over, or turning on the sprinklers on a newly cut lawn, these are the things that can make you feel refreshed. OK, a clean house, with all the laundry done and dinner already prepared is good to have as well. All I know is, I love all the memories of raising a family, having dogs and cats, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs whatever. Not all at the same time, however. Back to the new job, my favorite portion of my work day would be the accounting.

Most of my clerical jobs, and I started in 1963, were more typing and not on a computer. I learned on a manual typewriter, then came the electric typewriter and in 1967 I was chosen to train on IBM’s latest, MTST, this was a huge office machine, with a typewriter keyboard but would print form letters automatically, we would only enter a name and address. I have basically worked through the age of invention. Some of you don’t know what it is like to begin in one era and experience the age of computer technology. When I look back at where we started with clerical office duties, I’m amazed.

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