MORE's Over-40 Intern Diaries: The Best Things So Far

Ruth Morganto, 49, wanted to explore a new career but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Read what happens on Day 3 when she joins the MORE team to assist on an upcoming issue

by Ruth Morganto • Midlife Intern
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Photograph: Ari Michelson

When I said that I planned to return to work as a college counselor, I may have spoken too soon.  I arrived extremely early this morning, so I took advantage of the glorious weather and wandered the neighborhood around More’s offices.  Midtown East offers some perks—among them, a Barnes & Noble that opens at 7 a.m.  What better way to kill time than with tea and books?   

Once in the office, I head to the kitchen to refill my water bottle, which I carry with me, since water costs $5 per bottle here. On my way, a rack of swimsuits along the wall distracts me.  I pray that I’m not asked to model bikinis for the stunt issue that I’m here to help with.

The morning, which is spent reviewing books and writing this blog post, flies by. I can’t believe it’s already time to eat when Susan Toepfer, More’s entertainment editor, comes by for our lunch date. At home, my usual midday meal is a Lean Cuisine at my desk.  Here in New York, we eat Mediterranean food in a sunlit restaurant. Bonus: The company is paying.

Chatting with Susan feels shockingly natural.  I'm starting to realize that these accomplished women, who have far more famous connections and fascinating careers than I could imagine, don't see themselves as different. It's in my head, not theirs.

As we return to the office, we’re greeted by colleagues running to a company sale. Magazines are inundated with samples, so unneeded clothes, accessories and beauty products are sold for charity (between $1 and $5 per item).

Bargain shopping aside, I've discovered another passion during my time here: researching.  Laura tosses out ideas—“Find expert career counselors”; “Tell me all about aversion diets”—and I peruse the Internet. However, by evening, my eyes are dry from too much reading and my eye drops are in another bag.  On the train home, I honestly consider grabbing my seatmate's water bottle and dumping some on my eyes. I may go blind from too much reading, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

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